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North American History

Europeans and Indians

What commercial, religious, and nationalistic incentives drove Europeans to embark on the hazardous course of establishing overseas colonies? What happened to both the Europeans and the Inndians when their worlds collided after 1492? In what ways were b oth societies changed?

Salem Witch Trials

Were the Salem Witch Trials a peculiar, aberrant moment in an age of superstition, or did they reflect common human psychological and social anxieties that could appear in any age? How harshly should those who prosecuted the "witches" be condemned?

Sourthern Colonies

Why did the sourthern colonies develop an economic and social system based on large-scale plantaiton agriculture? What were the causes and effects of the Great Awakening? How did such an intense religious revival affect those who experienced conversion as well as those who did not? How democratic as colonial American socie

French Empire

Why was the French Empire ultimately so much less successful than either the Spanish or the British? Why did the northern colonies develop a very different social and economic system based on small-scale farming and business?


What was the Revolutionary movement really all about and the amount of taxation? The right of government to tax? The political corruption of Britain and the virtue of America? The right of a king to govern America? The colonies' growing sense of national identity apart from Britian?

Critical thinking

In what ways did blacks and whites respond to the end of slavery? What changes in race relations occurred as a result of emancipation?

Civil War and Reconstruction

Why did the republican controlled North win the Civil war and why did the republican controlled North lose the Reconstruction? I need to write a three page paper. Looking for help with establishing an arguement and supporting it with facts.

The "New Deal" and its effect

I need information to address this question (articles, links, etc.). Thank you. 1. What was the "New Deal" and how did it influence United States?

Colonization in North America (1519)

1. Describe the four colonies established in North America beginning in 1519 AD? (i.e., invasions, settlement characteristics, economy, etc.) Please provide information to address this question (e.g. links, articles, etc.). Thank you.

Writing Editorials

I have to pretend as I am an editor for a colonial newspaper in the 1760's and write 2 editorial accounts of ONE of the events that listed below: -Passage of Sugar Act/Stamp Act or -Passage of Tea Act or -Boston Massacre One account must be written from the point of view of the Loyalists and the other account must be writt

What role did the Bush Administration play in German Reunification 1989-1990?

The reunification of Germany is one of the most remarkable political events in modern history. The division of Germany was at the heart of the Cold War and a reunified Germany was in many ways a threat to the post-war status quo - both European and Global. What was US policy during this crucial time? Was it perhaps the finest

Six US history problems

Please answer the following six problems in complete sentences and in paragraph forms. Also, try to make at most one paragraph for each problem (each paragraph should contain at most five-six sentences each); keep in mind that some problems are shorter that the others. In other words, just simply answer the problem directly in o


I have attached a research paper, and I am having trouble with my methodology. According to my professor the methodology and the data analysis needs to be expanded on. I must use the data in the studies cited to bring my paper together (aggregate it) and build charts,tables and graphs,in addition, to what is there. Chapter 4

American imperialism at turn of 20th century

An explanation as to what caused the surge of American imperialism at the turn of the 20th century. It also addresses the debate over empire building and the clash of between American idealism and self interest.