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The Impact of the Invention of Cotton Gin

With the invention of the cotton gin, slavery became increasingly ingrained in the American south. How did slaves respond to this? Discuss their various methods to cope ranging from sabotage to outright rebellion. Do you think their actions affected the way that whites viewed slavery?

This question is debated.

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As you explore the range of coping methods for American slaves, you might note the vastness of this topic. However, I offer some points to help you:

First of all, you might show that many slaves endured the horrors of slavery by making a world for themselves as a coping method. As you look at the family-oriented network within African-American culture, it is evident that family connections marked a major coping mechanism for them.

Research from further shows the "family environment as a refuge and as a source of cultural endurance."

Besides the extended ...

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The impact of the invention of the cotton gin is assessed in the solution.