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Representing slavery in history

A solution about how historians are confronted with problems associated with writing about slavery is given. Some of the notable philosophical problems (objectivity, choice of sources, or bias) of documenting the event are taken into this account.

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Please allow some of my vast notes to offer brainstorming ideas and links about the problems of representing slavery from historians' viewpoints. Once you write your own paper, please send to us for editing and feedback:

First of all, you might suggest that examining the history of American slavery is quite conflicted for many reasons. For example, confronting the unspeakable evil is difficult to mention from a humanistic point of view but also because many of the atrocities were not recorded. Another problem is the issue of scientific objectivity.

You might also add that many critics suggest that many accounts of slavery tend to follow into two categories: "stories overdone and tragedies understated" (http://www.historycooperative.org/journals/cp/vol-01/no-04/slavery/). It is often hard to strike a balance in terms of accuracy.

You might further note that another problem facing historians seems to be finding a detached yet truthful halfway point. For example, Karen Sutton, a historical interpreter at ...

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Various problems of representing slavery in history are confronted.