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Politics & Philosophies: Hamilton & Jefferson, A comparison

Compare the philosophical and political convictions of Hamilton and Jefferson that led to the first American political parties.

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Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson became the leaders of differing schools of thought because they were the greatest intellects in the most powerful positions. George Washington chose Hamilton as Secretary of the Treasury and Jefferson as Secretary of State for the first presidential Cabinet in American history. The decisions of Washington and his advisers established specific precedents for future administrations to follow.

The opposing views of Hamilton and Jefferson led to good input as well as steady conflict and tough decisions for President Washington. Everything in politics is about power, and the distribution of power is where the fundamental differences between Hamilton and Jefferson began.

Hamilton believed in a strong central government, while Jefferson wanted to keep most of the power locally and at the state level. Before long, the two men were seen as leaders of two distinct political parties. The men in Hamilton (and ...

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The solution compares and contrasts the political and philosophical convictions of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson that created the first American political parties and their lasting effect on the American Nation.