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The US from 1820-1850:Immigration & Abolitionism

The United States experienced many changes between the years 1820 and 1850, including economic, industrial, and socioeconomic changes, as well as the issue of slavery. Of these changes, which do you think had the greatest effect during this time? Explain your choice?

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The US (1820-1850): Industrialization, Immigration & Abolitionist Effect

The 1st half of the 19th century (1800 to 1850) was a period of great industry as railroads were intensively constructed and began servicing routes between populations and industrial centers intensifying trade. With Industrialization, urban centers developed into catchments of populations and immigrants from the Southern States seeking escape and a new start from the difficulties of living in the South. It is important to note that while the Civil War was brought to a manageable end with the surrender of the Southern Forces and with Gen. Robert Lee of the Confederates pardoned, the policies of the Northern States had to then be assimilated and applied in the socio-political practices of the Southern States. Even with the abolishment of Slavery imminent (being one of the main reasons of the conflict in the first place), the idea of total abolishment of slavery, a pillar of the Southern Economy was still an issue of great debate and unacceptability in the South. More than ever, despite the socio-economic impetus of Reconstruction and the campaigns of the government and more favourable politicians, it was met with great bitterness especially in parts of the South. Lynching and mob rule became common. As industrialization took over and northern cities opened their gates to the Blacks who hoped to seek a reversal of their fortunes in big cities, those left ...

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The solution is a 934-word APA format essay that discusses and explains the changes between the years 1820-1850 in the United States. Discussed are the economic, social, cultural and industrial changes including mass migration to urban centers and the creation of industrial estates. Slavery and its effect and perception to the US society is also discussed including the rise of the Ku Klux Klan and similar movements. Immigration & Abolitionism is discussed as the events and movements that marked this period. References, both web and print are listed. A word version is attached for easy printing.