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    US History 1780-1850

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    I have a team project due tomorrow. My portion of the assignment was the timeline - which is completed however, I have three team members who have bailed and I am struggling to put the paper in perspective. Please help. (I have attached the timeline for reference)

    Create a timeline highlighting the changes in political parties and the significant events that marked the growth of democracy from 1780 to 1850.
    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper, using the timeline as a guide, that addresses the following:

    o Describe how capitalism, agriculture, and industrialization contributed to economics, economic development, regional specialization, and social reform. Is the growth of democracy just a coincidence, or did it contribute to the market revolution? Explain your answer. Be sure to indicate this on your timeline.

    o In the timeline, identify where American expansionism begins. In your paper, identify how expansionism shaped foreign relations. Is the growth of democracy just a coincidence, or did it contribute to expansionism?

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    Dear Student,
    Hi. I understand that you must be feeling a little betrayed by your fellow students. Don't worry, as long as you do your work well you will be fine. Students bailing out on projects is a normal challenge and its good that you are trying your best to cope. The solution below should get you started. If you have any questions regarding the solution, just feel free to let me know via the feedback section. Since there is no attachment (perhaps you forgot?), the information below might not be particular to the information in your current textbooks but it is generally applicable enough as it touches on the issues you wrote in your posting. I have created a timeline for you however and this is divided per decade between political and economic events. It is in a table hence is not listed below but can be viewed in the word version of this solution which is attached below. I have also listed the references used for the information provided so you can do further research should you feel the need to expand. Good luck with your studies!

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    American History Timeline: 1780's - 1850's

    Independence and Expansion

    This time period in American history marked the beginning of America as it's own independent nation, a collection of unified states under one constitution governed by its own elected government. Politically and economically, it established the important systems and practices that shaped America to the nation that it is today. In the 1780's America as a nation was unsure of its own identity. The debate centered on centralizing ...

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    The solution is a 1,516-word narrative that looks at the Transformation of America throughout it's history from a former colonial agricultural territory in 1780 to an industrial nation in 1850. Specific events are listed divided under the headings of 'Political Events' and 'Economic Events'. Further explanation can also be found in the introductory text the precedes the timeline. The timeline can be found in the attached word-file which is the full version of the solution. references are included for further expansion.