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American-British War of 1812

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Why did the United States declare war on Great Britain in 1812? Could this war have been avoided?

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Advise on the American-British War of 1812 is provided in this solution.

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Let's take a closer look at the two questions, which you can draw on for your final copy. Remember that even short essays have an Introduction (introduce topic and include a purpose statement), Body (answer the two questions) and a Conclusion (sum up main points).


1. Why did the United States declare war on Great Britain in 1812?

On June 12, 1912, the United States declared War on Great Britain. There were a number of reported reasons for the declaration of war, and was a direct result of long simmering disputes between them and Great Britain.

The central dispute involved the impressment of American soldiers by the British, but there were also impressments of ...

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