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    Daniel Boone and Tecumsch

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    1. What are two insights of the lives of Daniel Boone and Tecumsch?
    2. In what ways were these men similar?
    3. In what ways were these men different?
    4. What was the nature of Indian-white relationships in the early years of our nations history?

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    1. What are two insights of the lives of Daniel Boone and Tecumseh?

    Daniel Boon (1734- 1820), was a famous United States pioneer and frontiersman who blazed the Wilderness Road and founded Boonesborough, Kentucky (also known as Boonesboro). On the otherhand, TECUMSEH (1768-1813) was a Shawnee political leader and war chief. Tecumseh's political leadership, oratory, humanitarianism, and personal bravery attracted the attention of friends and foes. He was much admired by both the British and the Americans. After his death (his body was never recovered), a considerable mythology developed about him, and he has become an American folk hero (see attachments on the two men for other valuable insights).
    2. In what ways were these men similar?

    Both men were noted for their leadership and bravery AND BOTH WERE SOMEWHAT RELIGIOUS. Whereas Boone was a Quaker, Tecumseh followed his ...

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    By responding to the questions, this solution compares two historical figures, Daniel Boone and Tecumsch, on several dimensions. References are provided, as well as two supporting articles further describing Boone and Tecumsch.