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Reading Assessment: Jacob Stroyer's "My Life in the South"

1. What did Stroyer not know about his family tree? How do you think that made him feel?

2. Develop (not merely list) three interpretations for why James Hay did only half his task.

3. What commentaries can you read between the lines of the story of Mr. Usom and Jack?

4. How did Stroyer's parents advise him to deal with the whippings he received, and why did they give that advice? How do you think Stroyer felt about that advice?

5. Identify the passage in which the slaves figuratively wear a "mask" to hide their true thoughts. What was the purpose of this strategy?


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Greetings and thank you for using Brainmass.com. As you know, Brainmass.com cannot complete assignments for students. What I CAN do is give you some suggestions for how you might construct your responses and develop your reasons.

Question 1. The thing to consider here is what Stroyer actually knows about his parents' family and familial origins. This is made explicit in the reading. After you write that down, imagine yourself in the same position or, perhaps you can talk about the feelings of someone you know who has been adopted or who has a step-parent and who has limited information about his or her biological parents.

Question 2. What I can do here is surmise some possible reasons. It remains ...

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