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    Voting Trends & Polling

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    A) Voting during the 2008 presidential primaries and the general election changed dramatically from previous trends. What were these voting trends (NOTE: these are not campaign trends, or candidate characteristics, but increases or decreases in voting by certain demographic groups)?

    B) Candidates use polls to determine what intrests voters. Describe a potential flaw that could happen with these polls that could cause inaccuracies.

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    According to the U.S. Census Bureau newly released data about voting trends in the 2008 Presidential general election, the number of non-Hispanic white voters decreased while minority voter rates increased keeping the 2008 election turnout statistically unchanged from 2004, with 64 percent participation rate. Voters aged 18-24 were the only group that showed statistical difference from 2004, increasing their turnout from 47% in 2004 to 49% in 2008; that was caused by African-American voters in that age group: 55%, 8% increase from 2004. Even with this increase, 18-24 voters had still the lowest voting rate of all age groups at 49%.

    African-Americans of any age tied with non-Hispanic Whites at 65%, the highest rate of all races. Asians and Hispanics came ...

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    This solution examines voting trends and polling during the 2008 presidential primaries and election. This solution also explores the potential flaws and inaccuracies of using polls.