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    explain who is in the sample and in the population on survey

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    National polls are often conducted by asking the opinions of a few thousand adults nationwide and using them to infer the opinions of all adults in the nation. Using what you know, explain who is in the sample and who is in the population for such polls.

    Hello! I saw a poll on TV the other day. It was a simple poll of approval of our current president. His numbers went down from the previous poll of 54% favorable and 47% unfavorable to 48% favorable and 52% unfavorable. The population is all people in the U.S. of voting age and the sample was probably 1000 people in a major city in the United States.

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    The sample is SUPPOSED to include a random selection of adult Americans. The population is SUPPOSED to be any adult American. Now, this is the ideal. In reality, the sample and population may not be this at all! Why not?

    First, these polling agencies may not have a list of all adult Americans. They have listings that may include the phone book, registered ...

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    Samples and populations....important details to discern in reading survey results! This discussion in everyday language helps you to discern the intended sample and population and the real sample and population! Polls can be misleading and this is mentioned.