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North American History

Business Enterprise in American History

"Dwight D. Eisenhower, himself a military hero of World War II, in his 1961 farewell address as president warned Americans that in their midst was being created a military-industrial complex' with interests of its own that might not match those of the nation." (Ratner, S.; J. H. Solton; and R. Sylla; The Evolution of the America

Business Enterprise in American History

This is a two part project. Part A leads into part B. A) Below you will find the directions for this assignment. It requires that you construct an annotated bibliography. Getting Ready Formulate a concrete research question in the area of American business enterprise. It might be a very broad question, or something

Business Enterprise in American History

You have studied developments and changes in the American economy through the First World War, during the so-called boom times of the twenties, the Great Depression, and the response of industrial America to the needs of the Second World War. In this essay, sketch in these developments, and try to show how two very different per

Business Enterprise in American History

Blackford, Mansel D. and K. August Kerr, Business Enterprise in American History is the assigned reading. You should try to integrate the historical discussion in Blackford & Kerr with the activities of at least two of the post Civill War industrial leaders. Try to show the individual contributions to industrial and adminis

Business Enterprise in American History

1) Do you feel the title The Robber Barons as applied to the post Civil War industrialists is justified? Why or why not? 2) Who among the so-called Robber Barons is your hero? Who, if anyone, would you consign to the lower reaches of Hell? 3) In addition to the industrial revolution which gave such a fillip to the possibil

Americans have bought into the controversial theory that increased government spending is the solution to low academic achievement. Can federal and state spending really solve our educational problems or are their other solutions to the problem?

Americans seem to have bought into the controversial theory that increased government spending is the solution to low academic achievement. Can federal and state spending really solve our educational problems or are there other solutions to the problem? Who should be responsible for making educational decisions? The Unite

This is a discussion regarding the similarities and differences between state and federal constitutions. Which issues are better handled by the individual states? Which are best reserved for the federal government to administer?

In America we have a federal constitution that outlines powers of the national government and describes its responsibilities. Each state also has its own state constitution which mirrors the federal constitution but on a smaller scale. How are these constitutions similar and in which ways are they different? Are there some re

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Discuss the philosophical positives and negatives in relation to the governmentâ??s role in social welfare. Include examples of social insurance and public assistance programs, and explain the differences between the two.

Question about Bureaucratic accountability

Briefly mention the elements of the Bureaucratic accountability with the Presidency, Congress, the Courts, and itself. Provide key insights and specialized requirements where appropriate.

Civil Rights in the Sixties

Information on the Civil Rights movement: Martin Luther King Jr. and the nonviolent protest movement vs Malcolm X and the changing nature of the movement later in the 1960s.

congressional incumbent versus a challenge

What are the benefits of being a congressional incumbent vs a challenger? Discuss some of the concerns that both candidates need to be aware of and the strategies used to better their chance at election.

Stages of election in a presidential campaign

Explain the stages of election in a presidential campaign, from nomination to Electoral College. Discuss some of the strategies that have proven as most effective for successful election.

This is a short analysis of the issues in Mormon history. The origin and impact on the West of the Mormon religion. The general issues surrounding this Church and its beliefs.

The solution is about the origin, the rise, and the impact of the Mormon church in American history. It describes the life of Joseph Smith. It also discusses the role of its leaders in the guidance of the church. It discusses its persecution and the migration of the Mormons throughout the country. It also describes the developme

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Discuss the ways in which a candidate can use media in order to express their message, including air, ground, and web based media. Explain the role of partisan views with these systems

Greek Philosophy

I need help. There was several questions that I had to do, but these questions gave me the hardest time. I can not understand how to answer them. Any help would be great. Thank you in advance Greek Philosophy discuss the following questions in detail, using information from your textbook and outside resources, as they rel

War & Revolution

I need help. There were serveral questions from the chapters that I had to do, but I am running into some problems understand and answering these questions. Any help would be great in understanding them. These questions are from the book, " Civilization in the West" 7th edition volume C Chapter 25 Europe and the World 1870-

Anticommunism and McCarthyism 1947 to 1954

Differences betweeen anticommunism and mcCarthyism and the perspective from which the media covered this period. What american foreign policy decisions impacted anticommunism? How did Americans lives changed because of the red scare?

American history: past and present

Please help with the following question about American history. Discuss what you feel to be a key turning point (or tipping point) in the progression toward Civil War in America. Could the war have been avoided? How?

Political drivers

Principle drivers behind the political violence in the US in the last 300 years

Analyze excerpts from Columbus' log

Do these excerpts from Columbus' log provide us with any useful information about the native societies of these islands? For example, what? Cite specific evidence.

Mining Communities: Edward Gould Buffum

1.The three men who were hanged were foreign immigrants who didn't speak English? How significant is this fact? Was it merely coincidental? 2.How do you account for the conditions that existed in mining communities such as this one? ---- Edward Gould Buffum, Six Months in the Gold Mines (1850) The discovery of gold in

John L. O'Sullivan

1.How does O'Sullivan address the question of slavery in Texas? What does he predict will ultimately bring about the end of slavery? What are his opinions on race? 2.Does O'Sullivan believe Texas will be the last territory the U.S. will annex? Where else might the nation expand? 3.In what other situations in U.S. history w

Women's rights

Compare the Cult of Domesticity's notion of an ideal woman, with the Women's Rights' notion of the ideal woman. In other words, how did each see women's roles and attitudes? How satisfactorily do either of these ideals describe women today, do you think? Step

Cristicism of Europeans visiting America

Describe which aspects of American culture European visitors emphasized. Then discuss the common criticism these travelers gave against America and Americans. Use examples from the sources to back up your points. there are 4 sources that are attached