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    Early success of Ford automobiles

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    With the advent of the automobile and the culture of the 1920s.

    In what ways did the automobile change American culture?

    What made Ford succeed to a degree far beyond any other automobile manufacturer?

    Be sure to site your sources.

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    You should break this into component paragraphs, beginning with Ford's success, because the "car culture" owes its rapid expansion to rapid production of affordable cars. Every reference to Ford's early success comes with the disclaimer that he did NOT invent the automobile, or the assembly line, but his combination of innovations were the perfect match with the turn of the century technology boom.

    ---------Ford's success

    The recipe seems to be as follows:

    effective implementation of the moving assembly line
    reduce time and cost of production
    resulting reduction of price
    high-paid workers
    affordable, available product

    Ford didn't really smash the competitors until 1909, when production technique and factory efficiency managed 11,000 of the famous Model T.

    "the mass-produced Model T revolutionized the auto industry. The efficiency of the assembly line cut the price tag on the Model T from $950. in 1908 to under $300.. By 1914, Ford motors turned out 248,000 Model Ts, almost half of all autos produced, at the rate of one every 24 seconds." (Davis, 1990, p.264).

    Davis, K. (1990). Don't Know Much About History. New York: Crown.

    ----------cultural effects of the auto

    Imagine all those Model Ts, revving up for the road, after passage of the 1916 Federal Aid Roads Act. Highway departments were created, half-funded by the federal government, giving birth to what would come to be a world-famous US Highway System.

    from American History 102:

    Economic Effects of the Automobile:
    1. Promoted growth of other industries. Especially petroleum, rubber, and steel.
    2. Helped fuel the creation of a national system of highways. Automobiles required better roads. After WWI, federal funds became available for building highways and a major industry was born.
    3. Created new service facilities. Filling stations, garages, and roadside ...

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    This piece analyzes the early success of the Ford motor company and its effect on American car culture. Several varied sources are quoted, including history text, relevant blog commentary and other websites. It discusses the Ford "recipe for success," the Model T and the legislation that accompanied the 1920s technology boom.