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How the Holocaust occurred and why the Allies didn't stop it

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Explore the following questions: Many people respond to the tragedy by asking how it could have happened.

What do you think?

Now read the section on the United States and the Holocaust. Why did the United States not make rescue a priority?

Why didnâ??t American Jews put more pressure on the Roosevelt administration?

Visit the National Holocaust Museum at http://www.ushmm.org/ as an excellent resource â?" read the various timelines, narratives, and watch the films. Cite all sources used.

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I have read the indicated pages at the museum site, and they reiterate many of the theories accepted by today's historians. The first page, regarding American inaction should give you enough info to form an opinion on the first part of the assignment. Your instructor requests YOUR thoughts on the subject, so I can guide you toward an answer, and you can use the site for quotes. I have mixed some of my interpretations with expert research, so look for the APA citations below to use the quotes.


This is probably the most puzzling question posed since 1945. It defies easy answers because it deals with much larger questions involving "man's inhumanity toward man," depths of human evil, apathy vs. ignorance, and genocide during warfare. You simply CANNOT answer how this could have happened without addressing how Hitler came to power, to what extent the German public was informed, and why the international community expressed more apathy than sympathy. Hitler, and the Nazi party, offered the German public an escape from economic depression, participation in their own salvation, ...

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Discusses the basic reasoning behind Hitler's Final Solution and the failure of the Allied Forces to rescue European Jewry.

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