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Night by Wiesel

1) What are some present ideas, experiences, etc., which are realities in today's world or current events that can be connected to this book and the ideas in it?

2) Are there any connections or ideas and experiences from the article "C.P. Ellis" by Studs Terkel (found on the Internet) that correlate to this book? If so, how?

3) Is there any published criticism or recommendations about this book that are available from professional book reviewers that say something about the validity, style, or interest level of this book? (I personally would recommend this book to anyone, but are there some people who are against it and if so, why, or why do they recommend it to be read in school, etc.?)

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1. As you correlate the Holocaust within the memoir to current events in the world, you can certainly apply what is happening with the various genocides in Rwanda, Congo, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Uganda, and other regions in Africa to make strong connections.

The Genocide in Darfur, in particular, is certainly applicable. Research shows that "The primary cause of the Genocide in Darfur is known to stem from the unfair and harsh treatment of the people of Darfur by the Sudan government. Though the Sudanese government publicly denies any prejudice and wrongdoing, they have been thought to support and fund the Janjaweed, a militia group mainly composed of Afro-Arabs, or Arabic speaking African tribes, who are primarily responsible for the initiation and continuance of the Darfur genocide" (

To compare the memoir to this current event, you can certainly compare the widespread victimization. Experts also estimate that "approximately 400,000 lives have been taken during the Darfur genocide, along with more than 2.5 million men, women, and children forced to leave their homes and become refugees, ...

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Night by Wiesel is briefly examined in today's context of world events.