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Themes and Conflict in "Night"

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Sample theme:
2) Man vs. man. This type of conflict is largely external and physical. Discuss a few things--the way the Nazis herded to Jews into ghettos and later trains and camps; the way the Nazis starved the Jews and enticed them by throwing bread to the ground and watching them kill each other; the very essence of war.

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This solution will help you in writing about themes and conflict in Elie Wiesel's "Night."

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Ah, "Night" by Elie Wiesel--an amazing book!

I've taught this book 7-8 times, so I'm very familiar with it!

I would choose the topic of conflict in the novel.

1) Start off with an introductory paragraph in which you discuss the background of the book, what is occurring, etc. Near the end of this introductory paragraph, include a thesis statement in which you identify three (3) types of conflict in this book:
a. man vs. man, b. man vs. God, and c. dissolution of self. Your paper could be organized into these three parts. This organization also makes logical sense, since the whole conflict comes about because of man's conflict with other man; then, during the time in Auschwitz, Elie's relationship with God is strained; lastly, Elie wrestles with his own self-image (quite literally) by the end.

2) Man vs. man. This type of conflict is largely external and physical. Discuss a few things--the ...

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