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    European History

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    Explain the consequences of World War II and the legacy of the Holocaust.
    (Response needs to be at least 250 words and a reference please).

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    There were many consequences as a result of WWII. Most of the continent of Europe was destroyed in the war. Also, the survivors from the concentration camps suffered with physical ailments and emotional and mental problems as a result. In Europe, railroads, bridges and water systems which were the main sources of transportation were destroyed. Millions of homes were destroyed and people were left homeless with nowhere to go. Because of the infrastructure that was destroyed and people suffering with nowhere to live, the economy suffered tremendously. Unemployment rates increased and businesses no longer existed that had once contributed to society. It was estimated that almost 11 million people fell victim to the Nazi's. After the Nazi's surrendered, Germany was divided into zones. There were four zones that were ...

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    A look at the consequences of World War II and the legacy that the Holocaust left is provided in the solution.