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    North American History

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    The First Amendment

    In this posting, students will understand the rights protected under the First Amendment.

    American Revolution 1700s

    1. The Spanish, French and English all explored America and left a lasting mark on the New World development. Compare and contrast the colonization methods used by each. Be sure to discuss the goals, characteristics and lasting effects of each power's methods. 2. As farming became fundamental to ancient societies in Central

    King Phillip's War

    Why were the colonials successful in King Phillip's War? Be sure to include the major personalities and events related to the subject in your response.

    Clara Barton Biography

    The solution offers a brief biography of Clara Barton. It includes a brief summary of her early life and her accomplishments during the American Civil War.

    Native American Indians During The Gilded Age

    The Gilded Age was characterized by a thriving economy and an image of progress. However, the government embarked in a campaign of subjugation against minorities. Native American Indians suffered a lot during this time in American History. They were sent to reservations, discriminated, and expected to adhere to the government's

    American Military History

    Discuss the significant events that caused the Second World War to erupt in Europe. Response should be a minimum of 200 words plus reference.

    The State of the South

    Read the article and answer the questions that follow The Nation, "The State of the South" (1872). Document Analysis 1. What was the author's opinion of carpetbaggers? 2. How did the author describe black southerners, especially those who held political office? 3. What does the author call for at the end of the articl

    Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death - Response

    As tensions escalated between England and her American colonies, a young lawyer rose to speak to his fellow Virginians about the issues at hand. Patrick Henry's speech in March 1775 was a bold public statement of his opinions regarding the colony's course of action. Form a response to the speech using one or more of the follo

    Bill of Rights and Amendments

    - How and why do amendments become part of the Constitution? - What problems with the original document motivated the adoption of the Bill of Rights? - What have been the effects of the Bill of Rights? - What problems with the original document, or changes in society, led to later amendments? Choose one of the following

    Radio and Automobiles: Changes in American Society

    How did the development of the radio and the mass production of automobiles alter and change American society? Compare and contrast the high and low points of the 1920's, industrially and economically.

    What caused and ended the Great Depression?

    What caused of the Great Depression. What programs, initiated by the Roosevelt administration, were designed to put Americans back to work and end the Great Depression? What programs, if any, that were successful in ending the Great Depression. It is clear that at some point the Great Depression did end; document when it ended a

    Assimilation of Native Americans and Results

    Assimilation of Native Americans is an important issue in the history of United States. It describes how the Federal government and land hungry whites tried to assimilate Native Americans into the mainstream of American life. Look into the course of assimilation and its results. The Dawes Act of 1877 was passed to reform and civ

    Describe assimilation as it relates to 19th century immigrants

    Analyze, explain and describe what assimilation is and why it was important to the newly arrived immigrants. Also explain and describe the factors that enabled immigrants to assimilate into American society. Also discuss and explain where most immigrants came from during the 19th Century. Finally, discuss, explain and d

    Marshall Plan

    George C. Marshall, the Secretary of State, presented The Marshall Plan, also Known as the European Recovery Plan (ERP), at Harvard University on June 5, 1947. The main objective of the plan was to provide European countries substantial economic aid in order to prevent the collapse of their governments before the Soviets. Wha

    Partition of India

    What were the key events that lead to the Partition of India in 1944? Additionally, evalute the relative success of the partition.

    9/11 Interpretations and Outcomes

    Chapter 28 - 1) What really happened in NYC on September 11, 2001? Do we really know? 2) Many Americans when asking why 9/11 happened were told by the government that radical Islamists hate our freedom. What does US policy in the Mideast have to do with radical Islam? 3) Could the airplanes make the Twin Towers collap

    War on Terrorism

    1) What is the War on Terrorism? 2) What events historically led up to it? How far back could/should we go? 3) Both major parties say of terrorists that "they hate us for our freedom". How likely is this as being true? Is there any evidence to support that stance? Who are they (Al Qaeda)? 4) Are there other reasons for

    Inequality in America: The Civil Rights Era

    1) What was the role of government in the Civil Rights Era? 2) What were the main programs of JFK and LBJ that addressed inequality in America and what was meant by the Great Society? Which programs were successful? Which ones failed and why? 3) What were the historical roots of this period? 4) What makes this period

    Settling the Great Plains

    Give an explanation as to why the Great Plains were settled in the 1800's. List the government initiatives, as well as the difficulties which were present in living on the Great Plains. How did changes in technology benefit the settlers?

    Retaining Cultural Characteristics

    Many Europeans settled the Great Plains in the 1860s and 1870s. However, these settlers often went to great lengths to preserve their native culture within their communities. What methods did they use to retain their cultural characteristics?

    National Security Roots: The Cold War

    I have some questions about Foner's Chapter 23 and Kinzer's book "Overthrow". 1) What effect did the Cold War have on American culture? What about effects with regard to anti-communism? 2) How did the sentiment of a national security state created along with the CIA and House Committee on Un-American Activities' (HUAC) Bl

    President Eisenhower's Influence

    I have some questions: 1) America in the 1950's is referred to as "The Affluent Society." What does that mean specifically? 2) Who was excluded from this "promise" of success in America and how do the issues of race, gender, and class play out here? 3) How is this seen across what's called the "consumer culture," in the r