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North American History

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

In the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, is he viewed as a self-promoter? If he was, was his attempt successful? What are the key ways Benjamin Franklin presents his autobiography an an illustration for self-improvement?

Different Roles and Lives of Slaves in the Slave System

Slaves filled many roles within the slave system. Compare and contrast the roles played and lives led by the field worker, the house servant, and the artisan. Did any of the three fare better than the others under the slave system? Why or why not?

Primary Source Analysis: Presidency of Abraham Lincoln

Primary Source Analysis What is a primary source? It can be defined as anything created by someone involved in an event, about the event. For example, it could be a diary or a picture. The following URLs will take you to places on the web that discuss primary sources: "Identifying Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources." W

Thurgood Marshall

What were Thurgood Marshall's biggest accomplishments and how did they shape American history?

Asian Migration Hypothesis

Explain the Asian Migration Hypothesis in detail. According to the theory, how did natives gradually spread over the continent in subsequent migrations?

Lasting mark on the New World's development

The Spanish, French, and English all explored America and left a lasting mark on the New World's development. Compare and contrast the colonization methods used by each. Be sure to discuss the goals, characteristics, and lasting effects of each power's methods.

Movements in American History and Culture

1. Discuss the reform movements of the first half of the nineteenth century. 2. What exactly was the "romantic impulse" and what did it mean for American culture? 3. In what ways was the abolitionist movement similar to the other reform movements discussed in this chapter? How was it different? 4. What were some of the argume

Abraham Lincoln- short paper

This short paper is at least three double-spaced pages of text (Times New Roman, font size 12) and you must consult a minimum of two academically credible sources. Bibliographies and citations will be in the Chicago Manual of Style format. If you use any of the information from your sources word-for-word, you must cite t

Traders and Settlers of the Westward Migration

1. To where did the traders and settlers of the westward migrations described in this chapter go? How connected did they remain to the economy of the eastern seaboard and why? 2. What caused the "Era of Good Feelings?"? What were the reasons for its demise? 3. Describe the nation's most important economic needs during the

Constitutional Convention

Explain the delicacy of the issue of slavery for the men at the Constitutional Convention, examine the manner in which they dealt with the matter.

Imperialism/Colonialism (Africa/India/U.S.)

Discuss the effect of imperialism and/or colonialism on the African continent and the reactions from the indigenous population. Compare the American Revolution and Indian Independence Movement as violent and non-violent revolutions respectively. Did they succeed in their goals?

American history inquiries

1. What factors influenced the different patterns of development/ economies of the Northern colonies as compared to the Southern colonies? How did these factors facilitate the introduction/spread of slavery? 2. Why did the communities in different various colonies develop so differently? What, for example, accounts for the pred

Question about right to privacy

Answer the following questions in your paper: To what extent does the Constitution protect the right of privacy? Why did each case need to be heard and interpreted by the Supreme Court? How does the Supreme Court's decision in each case continue to affect the rights of American citizens today?

Henry Adams, The Dynamo and the Virgin

Analyze the Education of Henry Adams's chapter, "The Dynamo and the Virgin," where he talked about the conflict between a society based in faith and a society based in science. What were some of the general issues between those two forces?

Race relations in America

Discuss the effects of discrimination on the basis of race in the United States of America. Are we progressing or returning to days of old history?

United States is the founded upon ideal introductions

Please assist with an outline for info below. The basic college essay consists of an introduction with clear thesis statement, the body of the paper (where each point of the thesis statement is discussed fully with supporting evidence in its own paragraph), and a conclusion. See the Writing Tips tab on the left side for further

Democratization of political practice

Could you please help me with an assignment by answering the following question: How did the democratization of the political system affect the practice of politics? What factors limited political participation?

Future trends in the Car Industry

Please describe what further advances and improvements may be expected, both in the near future, and in the distant future for the automobile industry. To what extent do you expect these changes to be positive, or negative, or both?

Two Stories written as Newspaper Articles

I need help to write two brief stories written as newspapers articles (approx 250 to 300 words each). 1- April 18, 1775, Lexington, MA Paul Revere ride. 2- June 15, 1775, Philadelphia, PA, George Washington's named commander and chief. Please provide quotes for each article if possible, thank you. Thanks

Slavery questions

How did plantation crops and the slavery system change between 1800 and 1860? Why did these changes occur?

American History.

What influences do constitutionalism, capitalism, and democracy have on Americans beliefs about liberty, equality, and self-government? How did earlier documents influence the authors of the U.S. Constitution to divide political power and choose officers, in order to limit government power? What contributions to government ca

Eisenhower/ Suburban Culture

What were the goals of conservatives and Eisenhower as they sought to roll back the programs of the New Deal? What programs were successful under dynamic conservatism ? Why did Americans embrace suburban culture? What stresses were at work beneath the placid surface of suburbia? Who were some of the critics of suburban cultu