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    Technical Innovations and International Relations

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    How have mass transportation, the Internet and the Government had an impact on International Relations?

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    As far as mass transportation goes, that mostly revolves around the automobile. Essentially, the automobile affected life in a variety of ways?all of which have to be policed and regulated (think of all the issues surrounding roads, police, air space, cargo ships and pirating of goods in places like Somalia, etc.). Everything is closer, so more time is saved. People can travel further distances in the same time, so people started living further apart?stretching government oversight. Goods and services could easily reach a wider client base, so business also flourished?pushing issues of trade and diplomacy based on economic gain. People's sense of personal space also widened, to accompany how far they could travel (for example, instead of referring to your small neighborhood, you were much more likely to refer to the city or borough as your "hometown")?pushing people's sense of citizenship and being subject to international law. Also, for better or worse, people could congregate with others more like them, instead of being stuck in the same town with the same people who may have been socially harmful to that person?this brings to mind issues of prosecution for criminals across national borders, and whose laws apply to whom. Relationships occurred from further away (imagine what this did to pen-pal romances, for example)?again, raising issues of ...

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    Technical innovations and international relations are examined.