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North American History

Short questions regarding the American government

1) Why is America a republic? 2) How has Western culture and Christianity contributed to American government? 3)Why are elections in the United States longer, more expensive, and more candidate-centered than in European democracies? 4) Knowing that the right to vote has been such a hard-fought entitlement, why do so

New population and Policy

Choose one of the new populations that became part of the focus of early 19th century welfare policy. (I choose the women's movements.) Why did their inclusion become important to the nations social structure? With slavery being abolished it exposed how out of place or inappropriate it was that women were still not given ri

Senecal Falls Convention vs. Modern ERA

In this unit the Seneca Falls Convention is discussed. The Convention led to the eventual ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920. It was not the only proposed amendment to originate from the Seneca Falls Convention; the Equal Rights Amendment also followed the path of universal suffrage except it was never ratified. Cons

Sarah Hale's Influence

Read the following biographies of Sarah Hale, found at: and Do you believe that her influence on women did more to help elevate women from their sphere's, or did her views on the proper housewife and her views against the work of

Traditional Conservatism and Neo-conservatism

A discussion of the differences between traditional conservatism and neo-conservatism and how traditional conservatism helped shape Canadian development in the late 19th century. How has neo-conservatism influenced Canada in the late 20th century and early 21st century and is Stephen Harper succeeding in making the Conservati

Confederation and The First National Policy

A discussion of the way Confederation and the National Policy were designed to meet the challenges facing Canadian society and the Canadian economy in the latter decades of the 19th century. The discussion show how power of the federal government was used to establish a transcontinental Canadian federation with an economy whose

The Pullman Strike

How did the Pullman strike start, what were the events associated with it, and what was its impact on the history of the United States?

Chinese Migration to the US

What are the origins of the three waves of Chinese immigration to the United States? What impact did they have on the American economy?


Describe and analyze the wartime experiences and the effects of the Revolution upon women, slaves, and Indians.

Influence of TV

In 1925, the Scottish inventor John L. Baird was able to first transmit recognizable human features by television. By 1938, there were only about 30,000 television sets in existence in the United States of which over 20,000 were in New York City (in the same year, there were almost 2 million radios in Great Britain alone!). But,

Governments are sometimes the most enthusiastic users of mass communications, often using mass communication for propaganda purposes. Reference the information in the background materials below, and then answer the following question: Do you agree that propaganda "has had an essential, and not always dishonorable, role in the conduct of affairs in the 20th century"? Please support your answer with references to the ethical implications of propaganda.

Propaganda - from the Latin "to propagate" or "to sow", is an agricultural term. The visual picture is of a farmer throwing seed by hand into the plowed soil. As the seed takes root it sprouts up and brings in a harvest that is tenfold or perhaps one hundred fold larger than the amount of seed sown. In its most basic politic

Standard of Living in the U.S.

Do you think that your standard of living will be greater than that of your parents? Will your lifestyle be more comfortable or fulfilling? Why or why not? What can each of us do to improve the standard of living for all Americans?


In the section â??Where Historians Disagree: The Witchcraft Trialsâ? (page 89) there are two major discussions of why the witch trials may have occurred: a desire to condemn the threat of powerful and wealthy women and to provide a reason to account for the recent instability within the Puritan communities. After having read

Watergate examination

Was Watergate an aberration (a rare occurrence among presidents), or do you see the entire episode as part of a larger pattern of abuse of presidential power? Do you see evidence of this today?

World War II - Japanese Interns

Why were Japanese Americans singled out for special treatment? Why not German or Italian Americans? Do other groups face similar treatment today? Have you seen any television shows or movies that portray thetreatment of Japanese Americans?

1920s and the Great Depression

Reflect upon the 1920s and the Great Depression. Summarize your impressions of how the 1920s set the stage for what followed, and what you discovered and felt was significant about attempts to counter the effects of the Great Depression.

Reflect upon the efforts of the progressives(1900-1917). Consider how their efforts influence us, even today. Also, consider the impact of World War I on individual freedoms.

Progressivism began as a social movement that later on became a political movement. Initially they rejected the, then popular, idea of Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism seemed to claim that struggle for life and survival of the fittest were inherent in society as Darwin had claimed they were in nature. Early progressive refo

Reformers in the 19th Century

Why were reformers so interested in changing people's behavior? Would we have been better off if they had minded their own business? Are there parallels today? Hi, I'm just looking for a paragraph or two that will get me started. Thanks.

The American South- Internal Colony of the North?

During 1870-1900 the South was referred as an "internal colony" of the North. What does this mean? Is the South still an internal colony? Can you think of other regions in a similar situation throughout our history?

Territorial Expansion

One of the greatest long-term trends of the history of the United States concerns territorial expansion. United Statesâ?? territorial expansion profoundly influenced its history. â?¢answer the following questions as they relate to territorial expansion of the Texas Annexation: 1845 â?¢How did the U.S. acquire the t

Industrial Revolution

The process of industrialization was one of the most transformational series of events in human history. Industrialization in the United States was also immensely consequential, eventually impacting virtually every aspect of modern life. explain the following â?¢ Description of two developments of industrialization that pos

Investigative reporters are bolder than they were 30 or 40 years ago. How do you think the influence of Watergate has contributed to this boldness? Do you think investigative reporters are justified in being bold to get information for the public, or do you think they are too aggressive?

How did the Watergate scandal contribute to the growing boldness of journalists? In a sense, Watergate destroyed the public trust in government. Prior to this event great respect was shown for members of the government. Consider how reporters never talked about F.D.R's paralysis and television reports refused to show him in h

Government Expansion

The role of the federal government in the lives of the American people changed dramatically from the time of the countryâ??s founding to the present. Initially, the federal government maintained a limited presence in the daily lives of most people. Often, state and local governments were far more prominent and exercised greater

A description of Keynesian policies and how they affected the New Deal. Also includes a discussion of the pros and cons of Keynesian economic theory and how modern economists can improve on his theories.

Keynesian economic policy is a diversion from the laissez-faire concept of a free market economy. A laissez-faire concept of the economy argues that the laws of supply and demand should regulate prices, interest rates, employment and other aspects of the economy. Keynesian economics argues that there are times when the federal