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    North American History

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    Pacific Theater is exemplified.

    Discuss the military operations land, sea, and air in the Pacific Theater from January 1944 until August 11, 1945 which brought the defeat of Japan and what major leaders and personalities who played a vital part in these operations.

    Korean War

    What were the land, sea, and air military operations of the Korean War from June 1950 until December 1950 and who were the major leaders involved with these operations?


    Describe the major American operations, battles, campaigns, and leaders involved in WWI from May 1918 to the conclusion of the war on November 11, 1918. How successful was the American Army?

    Aviation Success

    How successful was the U.S. in implementing aviation as a weapon of war in its military arsenal during the period 1919 to 1940?

    Compare and contrast Presidents Carter and Reagan.

    1. How do the two documents illustrate the differences between the leadership styles of Reagan and Carter? Each speech cites experiences or opinions of supposedly typical Americans; compare and contrast the use of these examples. 2. The America described by Reagan in 1986 was very different from that described by Carter

    Imperial US Presidents

    1. Who was responsible for the crisis of authority under the imperial presidency? 2. What was the postmodern condition of America at the end of the twentieth century?

    Progression of Civil Rights after Martin Luther King

    1. Effects of assassination of Martin Luther king on civil rights movement 2. Analysis of civil rights movement after the death of Martin Luther king 3. Progress of the civil rights movement, if Martin Luther king was alive

    Georgia History is summarized.

    By the mid-eighteenth century, the Georgia Trustees had become so disillusioned with the colonists that they began to negotiate an early surrender of the colonyâ??s charter to the king. The transfer of the charter ushered in a new era in Georgia often known as the royal period. What were some of the important changes in Georgi

    A Brief Guide to Early Colonial Slavery, Problems and Regional Lifestyles

    1 Identify the forces that led to the development of slavery in the colonies. 2 Describe some of the political, economic and religious problems encountered by Virginia and Massachusetts Bay Colony. 3 What was life like in the Plantation South, backcountry, and New England? Identify the following terms in brief and accurate

    Important information about The Confederate Flag Debate

    1. What relevance does the Confederate Flag have in our society today ? Answer should be at least 5 sentences . 2. Make a comment and create a questions about the confederate flag to start a discussing with the class .. Answer Should be provided as well.

    McCarthy's Crusade Against Subversion

    How did McCarthy, a Roman Catholic, incorporate religion into his appeal? Does he seem somewhat jealous and resentful of those more sophisticated and better educated than he? What specific individual(s) might he have been alluding to? How would such charges help McCarthy's own political career and the general fortune

    Seven Years' War leaves Britian with huge debt

    The successful conclusion of the Seven Years' War (French and Indian War in the British colonies) left Great Britain with a huge debt. -How did British attempts to force colonists to pay part of that debt lead to revolution? -It is not necessary to go into an in depth discussion of each of the taxes passed by Parliament. You

    Franklin Roosevelt 1936 radio address

    Questions: 1. In the 1936 radio address, how does Franklin Roosevelt characterize the New Deal so far? 2. What arguments does he invoke in support of his first administration, and how does he argue the next phase of the New Deal will be different? 3. What references does he make to specific New Deal programs eithe

    war of 1812

    what impacts did the war of 1812 leave on America. Also, were there political divisions, additional military engagement

    Manifest Destiny

    Express what forces in American life contributed to the concept of Manifest Destiny? Please provide references and citations if used!

    Free Market Liberalism and New Deal Liberalism - Key Differences

    Compare and contrast the philosophies of free market liberalism (19th century) and New Deal liberalism (20th century). Eplain the differnces in economic policy, the role of the government, the role of the business, and the part that the public workers, unions, taxpayers) played in each system.

    Supreme Court cases

    How do Supreme Court decisions affect the rights of American citizens? Please cite at least one case decided by the Supreme Court. How have various interpretations of the Constitution affected the rights of teachers and students? Please cite at least one case decided by the Supreme Court. Also help me with a reflection o

    2 page of text in APA format

    What was President Jackson's role in shaping U.S. Indian policy? How does his background account for his policy choices?

    Rights and Freedoms

    Pick one of the rights in the first 10 Amendments. How is that right still relevant today? How has the interpretation of that right changed since the Bill of Rights was adopted? and Which one of the Amendments adopted after the Bill of Rights (that is Amendments 11 through 27) is most important to you? Why? Also, do you beli

    How does the the U S constitution provide for a strong federal government?

    Identify and discuss at least one way the U.S. Constitution provide for a strong federal government while still upholding individual states rights. Please provide an example to support your discussion. Why is the United States Constitution called â??a living documentâ?? Why is it important that the Constitution be â??a

    Main Principles of the Constitution

    Three main principles of the Constitution are inherent rights, self government, and separation of powers. Which one of these three main principles of the Constitution do you feel is most important in ones life? Explain why you believe this principle is more important than the others, show an example.