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US military contributions to Allied effort in WWI.

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Describe the major American operations, battles, campaigns, and leaders involved in WWI from May 1918 to the conclusion of the war on November 11, 1918. How successful was the American Army?

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A brief and chronological description of the major battles, leaders and overall contribution of US forces in WWI. The offensive and defensive successes of US Army and Marine regiments are shown in detailed accounts, with supporting quotes from participants.

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At the time of Woodrow Wilson's declaration of war against Germany, the US boasted a standing army of less than 200,000 men, untested in battle, and equipped with obsolete weapons. Hardly a military threat to the Kaiser's seasoned troops, the American entry proved an immediate morale booster for weary Allied forces. Many Americans doubted the ability and effectiveness of American troops, preferring to support the cause with money and materiel.
The much improved morale (eg. "The Yanks Are Comin')would not be enough to hold back the "Huns." Wilson's formation of the Committee on Public Information (CPI), the first American propaganda machine, played an important role in rallying war support in the form of bonds, rationing and enlistment. Still, it would take Wilson's steel will to push through the Selective Service Act, ultimately supplying the Allies with 2,000,000 troops to fill the ranks of the Allied lines in France. While the romantic notion that the US "saved" Europe from ruin is mostly myth, the success of fresh American troops in action surely helped turn the tide of the Great War. While their sacrifices paled in comparison with British, French and Russian efforts, by the spring of 1918, Americans ...

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