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Franklin Roosevelt's 1936 New Deal radio address

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1. In the 1936 radio address, how does Franklin Roosevelt characterize the New Deal so far?

2. What arguments does he invoke in support of his first administration, and how does he argue the next phase of the New Deal will be different?

3. What references does he make to specific New Deal programs either already passed or in germination?

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1. In the 1936 radio address, Franklin Roosevelt announced a second set of measures to combat the Great Depression, which become known as the Second New Deal. He characterizes the New Deal as working so far but needing additional changes and modifications.

2a. FDR makes multiple arguments invoking support of his first administration:

-That the New Deal is working despite negative criticisms:

"It is needless to repeat the details of the program which this Administration has been hammering out on the anvils of experience. No amount of misrepresentation or statistical ...

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This solution examines the content of Franklin Roosevelt's 1936 radio address about the New Deal.

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