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    The Pacific (WW2)

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    Discuss the military operations land, sea, and air in the Pacific Theater from January 1944 until August 11, 1945 which brought the defeat of Japan and what major leaders and personalities who played a vital part in these operations.

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    Pacific Theatre

    The Pacific Theatre refers to a series of Islands in or near the Pacific Ocean which were battle zones during World War II. These island chains included the Philippines, Burma, New Georgia, New Guinea, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, China, Burma, Leyte, Aleutians, Bougainville, Guadalcanal, The Solomon's, and many other significant points of battle.
    Initially the Japanese held an advantage of the interior lines of communication and a familiar stronghold in the navigation of the war. However once the US and its allied forces were able to penetrate the perimeter from different directions, this advantage was be lost. Also Japan proved itself to be less productive than the US and its allies in terms of planes and ships which provided the allies with a serious advantage.
    The true turning point occurred when the very first plane carrier battles of 1942. These battles are referred to as the Battle of Midway when the U.S. Navy scored victory over Japanese efforts in the Coral Sea.


    At the opening of the year two key islands were conquered by US/allied forces. The island of Kwajalein was invaded on February 1 by the army, and Roi and Namur were conquered by the marines on ...

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