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Assimilation of Native Americans and results

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Assimilation of Native Americans is an important issue in the history of United States. It describes how the Federal government and land hungry whites tried to assimilate Native Americans into the mainstream of American life. Look into the course of assimilation and its results. The Dawes Act of 1877 was passed to reform and civilize the natives. The end result was that land hungry whites took away millions of acres of lands belonged to Native Indians. The future of the Native Americans looked bleak and they became helpless

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This solution comprised of efforts of U.S. government to assimilate Native Americans to the mainstreams of society. Reformers like Helen Hunt Jackson had totally disagreed with the policies of the Federal government.

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Assimilation means a distinct cultural group adopting the culture and beliefs of the majority society. This is true in the case of Native Americans. Americans had a wide of range of views regarding the assimilation. Some of them even considered the destruction of the Native Americans as inevitable based on the idea of "natural selection."
During 19th century, there were criticisms regarding the failure of the Native American removal and reservation policies. Reformers like Helen Hunt Jackson had totally disagreed with the policies of the Federal government. In her book, "A Century of ...

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