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    Life in the Great Plains in 1800s

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    Give an explanation as to why the Great Plains were settled in the 1800's. List the government initiatives, as well as the difficulties which were present in living on the Great Plains. How did changes in technology benefit the settlers?

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    The land known as the Great Plains lies at the center of the United States. It extends over the following ten states: Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Texas, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Wyoming. The land area is flat and treeless. There are also many prairies, steppes, and grasslands. This land area is also marked by harsh semiarid climate. The area receives less than 20 inches of rain a year. All these facts made this land area unattractive to settlers. As a result, the United States government began several initiatives to increase ...

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    In this solution, an explanation of why the Great Plains was settled in the 1800s will be given. A list of government initiatives will be explored. In addition, details will be provided on the difficulty in living on the Great Plains. Lastly, an explanation will be given on how changes in technology benefited the settlers.