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    King Phillip's War

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    Why were the colonials successful in King Phillip's War? Be sure to include the major personalities and events related to the subject in your response.

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    King Phillip's War is often considered the last chance that Native Americans had at a decisive victory over English colonists. The colonial victory in this war is attributable to a variety of circumstances including disease, existing tribal animosities and to some extent, simple luck.

    One big personality in this war was the Wampanoag tribe leader named Metacomet, who the English called King Phillip, the Grand Sachem of their Confederacy. The confederacy was greatly weakened by repeated epidemics of smallpox, spotted fever, measles and ...

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    This solution discusses King Philip's war, which is considered by many to be the Native American population's last chance to be victorious over the English. King Philip was the English name given to Metacomet, the leader of the Wampanoag tribe and the leader of the Native American Rebellion. This solution lists factors such as the major personalities and the events that led to the colonial victory over the Native Americans in King Philip's war.