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American Military History - The Great War and Europe

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Discuss the impact the Great War had on the European kingdoms. Provide a 200-word response minimum plus reference.

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American military history of the great war and Europe are provided in the following posting. The response is 200 words with a reference.

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This is a very good question! Overall, WWI had a huge impact on Europe. The source that I am including with this will break down the impact within each country in case you wanted to focus more on one particular region to further the response. This response will provide information on the impact overall in Europe.

World War One was a global war that started on July 28th, 1914 and lasted until November 11th, 1918. This war involved most of the world powers at one point or another who were divided in alliances including the Triple Alliance (Central Powers) of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy; and the Allies consisting of The United Kingdom, France and Russia. These alliances reorganized and expanded as more nations entered the war leading to an even bigger impact ...

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