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    Differences between the North and South.

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    A short essay exploring the difference between the Southern and Northern states with an emphasis on slavery's contribution to the Southern economy.

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    There had been, almost from the beginning of the founding of the colonies, an obvious degree of difference between north and south. The lifestyles of their respective residents were centred around different economies: the South relying on agriculture for cash crops such as cotton, rice and sugar and the North moving further and further into manufacture. It appeared to the Northerners that the South was lagging behind somewhat in terms of economic progress: the large amounts of capital that were needed to initiate the production of crops such as rice, which needed intense irrigation of the land, meant that the North, often with good reason, felt it was supporting its 'poor relation'.

    On the other hand, the South had always had a degree of dominance over the political opinions of the nation. After the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, the opening of more land for expansion and more land available for the growth of new states meant fear for the Southern political position grew. It was natural, therefore, that any move from the North to alter any entrenched institution in the South would be seen as a direct threat. The challenge to slavery, therefore, was seen as an attempt to destroy the individuality of the South. Few perceived this as an action to unify the two areas.
    Slavery was ...

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    The Southern states were highly dependent on slavery as a basis for their economy.

    This solution may be useful to student evaluating the different motivations of the North and South of America with regard to their economic and social histories.

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