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    Conflicts that influenced Counterculture

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    How should the counterculture be viewed by the modern generation? Did they have any real influence on our society (aside from spreading the message to withdraw from Vietnam)? What aspects of our society today can we attribute to the 60s counterculture?

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    1. There may not be any way a later generation 'should' view another, older generation; perspectives change with changing values, discovered information, and the change in perspective that comes from distancing. However, the counterculture of the 1960s should at the very least be viewed as influential and a powerful example of what happens when a generation comes of age during a time of immense social conflict.

    2. Other conflicts that influenced Counterculture include:

    a. Civil Rights Movement: This movement was not unique to Martin Luther King or the 1960s, but had been a conflict that was as old as the nation itself. The Civil War centered in part on the issue of slavery, and the place of African-Americans in American society had been an increasingly turbulent issue in American society. The 1960s, however, is when the issue came to a head.

    b. Women's liberation: Women's rights was also a ...

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