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Mass Communication


What are two quantitative research methods used in communications research? What are two advantages and two disadvantages for each of the quantitative methods? What are two qualitative research methods used in communications research? What are two advantages and two disadvantages for each of the qualitative methods?

Freelancing in Mass Communications

This is a rather common question to come up in a large number of undergraduate and post-graduate lectures on the topic of feature journalism and professional writing in general. In the changing climate of the mass communications industry, does freelancing provide added financial and career benefits? If so, how does a prospec

New media and print journalism

This question sparked an interesting discussion on the topic of New Media's revolutionising effect on the state of journalism in general, as well as its encroaching impact on the readership and appeal of its traditional print counterpart. In this solution, you will find a compelling and well-supported discussion about not onl

Validity of Media Resources

How can one determine the validity of a source, determine whether reporters achieve a balance between the need to gather information (the public's right to know) and sensitivity toward victims (the right of privacy)?

Social justice agenda in reporting and journalistic credibility

Do you think that journalists apply a social justice agenda in their reporting? If so, does it harm journalistic credibility? Is a justice driven reporting agenda a sign of good reporting or biased reporting? Please provide some references and links to further information on the subject.

Media Theory

The challenge here is to begin to determine the connection between the history of communication theory and how it may or may not tie into the notion of a global community and new media. Discuss the media theory of composition and how it provides the genesis for the information age and the application of new digital technologies.

History of the printed newspaper

Trace the history of the printed newspaper and various types of eras in reporting the news. Start with the colonial period of print up to and including how printed news is delivered today with national papers like USA Today. Include and describe what the significance of the era of the 'penny press', 'jazz journalism', 'yellow jo

Advertising Analysis

Please help in critiquing an advertisement. I have chosen to write about the Fiat ad; TV Ad for Fiat 500 Abarth. You can find it on YouTube. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siWVgAzhFC8 I'm not sure how to explain examples from the ad that draw inferences from the visual, written, and or spoken cues that were

Electronic and Digital Media Industry

1. Describe the role technology has played in electronic and digital media. 2. Discuss the historical and contemporary roles of media in society. 3. Describe how the chemical and electronic technology of photography, recording, and transmission has advanced from initial discovery to the present. 4. Describe how mass media use

Media Interviews

Personally explain each of the three key stages of preparing for and delivering a media interview, including preparation, performance during the interview, and activities after the interview.

Value of Diverse Workforce

You work for a large financial institution that, in the past 10 years, has developed new products and services that appeal to a very diverse customer base located throughout the world. You have been asked by your CEO to lead an effort to discuss the importance of having a diverse workforce that can effectively serve your organiz

Communication Strategy within a Messages

Why should you consider the context of your message when developing your communication strategy? Identify four questions you should ask yourself to help you understand the context of your message and communication strategy.

Journalist compromising national security

You are a journalist for an up-and-coming online news website. You are inadvertently given some information that you know would increase your website's popularity, but could potentially compromise national security. How might you handle the story? Explain your decision.

Mass Media and Society

Can you help me with the following assignment/project? Personal experience of how mass media affect one's life. Discuss the organization and function of the mass media and how radio, television, newspapers, advertising, movies/videos, magazines and books affect individuals and families. The following subtopics are to

Public Relations Outline and Press Release

Please read the case described below and answer the following questions 1. How would you execute the media relations plan? Write a press release to outline the actions being taken by the company 10 days after the accident. 2. Give an outline of activities that you would engage in and the issues that you would address t

ethical company, technology usage

Being considered an ethical company by consumers can help a company to increase its market share. How can a company's standards in relation to technology help them to be seen as ethical? Is it possible for a company's technology usage policies to have a negative affect on company culture and employee morale? Offer examples t

Managing crisis from lessons learned

Q. What are lessons learned from Hurricane Floyd and Hurricane Katrina in terms of the good and bad aspects of managing these crises and the use of the media in both? In other words, if you were a key player in the management of a similar future crisis, what lessons would you take from these events and how would you do thin

Interpersonal communication in general involves individuals that are dependant upone one another, typically family members or close friends. This can include one on one conversations or the interaction with many people. Interpersonal communication helps us understand how and why people communicate

Please help with the following Analysis Grid on "Avatar". 1. Need to provide sufficient detail to identify the example, while using clear and concise language. The reader has watched the movie. Your analysis needs to be speckled with terminology as you explore the examples for each section. 2. For each major concept

Compare/contrast two advertisements

Hi! I need to write a paper that compares/contrasts two advertisements or commercials. They must be about the same type of product. Each product ad must be from a different company. Could you please help me for the topics the two ads I have to compare and give me some ideas and outline to follow for my paper please? Thanks!

Self-Perception and Self-Esteem

Assistance is needed to help understanding self - perception or self esteem to the quote: "No one can make you feel inferior, without your consent" Eleanor Roosevelt. How can this quote make you understand the meanig of self perception? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Pricing Strategies for Nike

What pricing strategies is Nike following? What will be the key factors in making these strategies a success? How do you know this to be true (how can you back it up)?

Discuss the effectiveness of social networks as a medium for advertisers.

Discuss the effectiveness of social networks (FaceBook, twitter, MySpace, blogs etc), as a medium for advertisers. Points to consider: - How social media started? - How advertising shifted from traditional media channels to digital media? - How social media has changed the perception of advertising on consumers (vise-ve

Leader and Leadership Relationships

The Leading Leader Address the following aspects of the leader-follower relationship: (1) What behaviors build trust and understanding in a leading leader? (2) How do behaviors influence the behaviors of the followers in an organization? (3) How does diversity create a competitive advantage? (4) Cite specific exa