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    A few important pointers/tips for designing a good interview.

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    The discussion will make the case for, and cover, a few primary pointers that make compelling interviews. Interviews have shown an enduring value in the realm of news and media, even with the recent transitions into the digital medium. As such, it is vital for prospective journalists to maintain focus on certain factors that make interviews a stand-out and compelling part of the profession. These factors being a good sense of control along with the the personal nature of interviews, the fluidity of dialogue, and the worthwhile questions explored -- and related enquiries examined -- through such a dialogue process.

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    In the world and profession of journalism, which can be seen as a meta profession, gripping content is vital in providing a contrast to otherwise dry news. This means that individual story angles are pertinent. Interviews hold the potential to capture a gripping and personal angle that makes them unique and meaningful, even against the backdrop of an ever-evolving information dissemination canvas as digital media begins to overtake its print counterpart. This also means that the fine art of interviewing requires a considerable dosage of personality that is essential to making the content appealing.

    The discussion will aim to highlight some important techniques in producing a noteworthy interview. The word 'produce' is used rather intentionally, because an interviewer - and by extension, they interview - is more than just the sum of the interview questions and the potential answers, it is a production process with considerable planning and information goals with the ability to improvise and manipulate the course of what should ideally be a conversation. After all, interviews are about going beyond just questions that most can easily dig up in this information age through a cursory internet search.

    Ideally speaking, the aim of an interview should be to use the questions as ground work for a conversation where the interviewers can achieve the fine balancing act between presenting clear concise enquiries, but then also pressing further on those enquiries to get a nuanced conversation started with the interviewee; a kind of conversation that will aim to break new ground, reveal more information, and make the encounter both memorable to the readers, or viewers, as well as making a ...

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    An examination of some important factors that make interviews a stand-out and compelling aspect of the journalism profession.