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Validity of Media Resources

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How can one determine the validity of a source, determine whether reporters achieve a balance between the need to gather information (the public's right to know) and sensitivity toward victims (the right of privacy)?

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How can one determine the validity of a source?

To determine the validity of a source I would encompass the philosophies of scholarly academics in terms of writing. For instance, before utilizing a resource you would evaluate what prior scholars discovered about the topic of interest. In addition to identifying the various perspectives of other scholars, you would evaluate qualitative and quantitative sources of information. You would develop a comparative assessment of viable statistics along with the reputation of the individual or organization that provided the resource. Take for instance the National Enquirer; this publication is known for its celebrity gossip, as a result most of the information provided is based on mere speculation and baseless insight from photos taken and social media. For example, two celebrities may engage in an innocent luncheon, by the next morning the National Enquirer may generate a rumored column with the headline "Hottest new couples of 2014."

In mass media it can be difficult to determine the validity of a source because every network has its own agenda. I would compare how many networks reiterate the breaking news or current event. For example, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC may cover political issues however viewers immediately assume which networks hold the same ...

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This problem solution reveals the best methods to evaluating a sources validity.

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