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    Intuitive assumption that the fields of Journalism and PR

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    Students and those aspiring to become journalists can sometimes harbour a cynical view of the Public Relations, often brought on by the intuitive assumption of the relationship between the two fields and how they treat and handle information. This brief discussion seeks to address this matter and even highlight a contrary view and dynamic that exists between the two fields.

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    Public Relations (PR) is often seen as the control and manipulation of information to achieve a desired - often positive response - effect from the target audience. Journalism, on the other hand, as exemplified by codes of practice, tends to have journalists priding themselves on uncovering facts and truth. Naturally, this can make the dynamic between these two fields appear antagonistic, but in reality, there is a deep layer of mutual trust and symbiotic dependence between the two.

    In the world of new media, ...

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    A brief discussion on the intuitive misunderstanding of the antagonism that might be perceived between Public Relations and Journalism as competing entities within media.