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    Impact of working in a group

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    Please provide assistance on analyzing your experiences as a member of at least one team--sports teams, Learning Teams, and so forth--and one small group--family, friendship circles, work relationships, and so forth. (You are contrasting your team and group experiences).

    Answer the following questions within the paper:

    - Where were the participants of the team and the group drawn from and how was each formed? Is this typical for team and group formations based on contemporary theory such as Social Exchange, System Symbolic Convergence, Structuration or Functional theories? Explain similarities and/or differences, as well as the applicable theories.

    - What differences were there between the team and the group dynamics, and what were the reasons? How might these dynamics be different if this was a virtual team or group?

    - In each team and group, how did members take on roles?

    - What general and operational norms were present in the team and group, and how did these develop? Explain.

    - Were there status differences within the team and the group? What effect did this have on the group performance?

    - Identify at least three interpersonal needs as noted by Maslow and Schutz that were met through the team and/or group experiences. Explain how the team or group experiences met these needs.

    - Based on these two experiences, what is your overall impression of working in teams and small groups?

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    I joined Atlantic Research Group in 2009 after completing my first degree at Seattle University. The research firm was established in 2006 with major aim of conducting private and public researches as well as helping students with academic assistance. The firm is a private own company that offers contractual jobs to employees sought from USA. The operation of the group is based on functional theory as all the employees have specific roles in the group and offer varied services. The group came together for a given purpose which was to offer research services in various fields. The group has the top managers, which comprise the human resource, operation manager and sales and marketing manager. I am an active member of the group working in a sub group of five members.
    Initially when we formed the group, there were certain differences in terms of allocation of work and conflict of interest in terms of roles. The group lacked an alignment in its leadership structure, roles and work allocation. A virtual team or group may experience similar problems as members and leaders may override others' roles and responsibilities. In addition, a virtual group may only function well after there is flow of work and responsibilities for each and every member.
    The allocation of roles at Atlantic Research Firm was very poor during the initial stages. This trend changed after the firm employed Sir Maxwell James as the human resource manager. ...

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    The solution highlights the impact and my experience after joining Atlantic Research Firm. The paper depicts the impact it has developed on my personal conduct. It also evaluates how operations the company undertook evaluates its impact on the performance of Atlantic Research Firm.