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Generational Difference Discussion

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Employers are interested in recruiting a diverse workforce and one aspect of diversity is age. There are different general characteristics associated with baby boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials. In this discussion, consider how these generational differences might affect recruiting strategies.

Respond to the following question:

• How do generational differences affect your recruiting strategy? Use the following points to guide your responses.
º Discuss generational differences in applicants.
º Discuss the impact of generational differences on potential job performance.
º Discuss the implications of generational differences for the recruitment process.

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There are several points that we need to consider, when dealing with generational differences in the workplace. The best way to discuss this topic is to use two very distinct age groups. Let's consider the age of the emerging professional, just finished with college, and around 23 years old. We can also consider the veteran employee that is either near, at, or beyond retirement age, at the age of 65-75. We have seen a shift in recent years where workers are not retiring when they are able to, simply due to economic factors. People are working for more years, and are even in some cases, working up until their final days. Considering these factors, we can now look at each of the elements.

Generational differences have a significant impact on recruiting strategies because we have to consider what it is, that each ...

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This solution discusses baby boomer characteristics, Gen X and Millennials. Each discussion question presented is fully discussed.

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