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    Managing Diversity

    Apple, Inc. Strategic Workforce Improvement Plan

    Apple, Inc. Strategic Workforce Improvement Plan External Market Analysis • Analyze HRM data trends and issues to identify appropriate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Apple, Inc. from a global perspective. • Summarize relevant data trends and issues, using research findings among different cultural

    Benefit of Leveraging Organizational Diversity

    What do you believe is the most significant benefit of leveraging organizational diversity? Why? What do you think is the most important challenge when it comes to valuing diversity? Why? with at least one APA format reference

    Implications for the Employer

    Write a section called "Implications for the Employer" and focus on any area of concern. For each area of concern, explain your rationale for selecting it as a concern. I'm using this question for my students and I wanted to see how other professionals answered this question so I can compare to my answer.

    Diversity Practices

    •Analyze the diversity practices of your organization to determine if it is engaged in surface-level or deep-level diversity. Provide specific examples to support your response. •Determine at least two ways that diversity can be used as a strategic advantage by almost any company. Explain your rationale.

    Diversity Training and Training Options

    Diversity training can take many forms and discuss a variety of topics. Explain two different training options for diversity training. Compare the two options, and identify which one you feel is the most comprehensive. Explain which option you would chose as a training professional and why.

    Business: Managing Diversity in the Workplace

    Please help answer the following question regarding managing diversity. Question: Should organizational leaders modify their style when mentoring minority employees and how can an organization known for its mismanagement of diversity regain public trust regarding their value of diversity?

    Culture and Cultural Diversity in Workplace

    Could you assist me with and help me identify one event that you have experienced in regard to culture and cultural diversity in workplace. How have you responded to such an event in your work environment? Why do you need to be sensitive to certain cultural and cultural practices?

    Effects of Diversity on Health Services

    Diversity often is used in the context of legal requirements as mandated by discrimination and harassment laws, and in the past has referred to "protected classes," such as gender, race, color and religion. In fact, diversity encompasses all of the potential differences that affect how we interpret and behave, differences that a

    Cultural Competency in Health Services

    The field of cultural competence has recently emerged as part of a strategy to reduce disparities in access to and quality of health care. Since this is an emerging field, efforts to define and implement the principles of cultural competence are still ongoing. Cultural competence in health care describes the ability of systems t

    Discussing Company Diversity

    Please answer the following question: - How important do you think it is to fit in to a company's culture? - If a company seeks employees who are similar to the company's current leadership, does this lead to a lack of diversity in the company?

    Rooney Rule's Effect on Team Diversity Within the NFL

    Although there is a great diversity among players, following the 2008 annual diversity study performed by the University of Central Florida's Diversity Institute, the NFL received a B+ for racial diversity. Having faced criticism in the past for not considering minority candidates for coaching jobs, the NFL initiated the "Rooney

    Review the case of Taxman v. Board of Education

    Look at the court case Taxman v. Board of Education. The school aimed to maintain diversity in their business department, but was this required, since the proportion of African-American faculty was great than the African-American population in the greater community? What do you think the court should decide? Then, look at the re

    Costs, Advantages, Industries and Laws of Immigration

    What are the costs and effects of immigration to US economy? What are advantages or disadvantages of having large number of low skilled immigrant workers? What industries/businesses benefit the most of the immigrant work force? What are the pros and cons of the current immigration situation and discuss what you would recomm


    Hello, my team is going to have a discussion forum on the topic of diversity in a workplace against other teams in class tomorrow and I would like to prepare for it. Can you please contribute your opinion/idea/facts, etc. on the following items? Words count of at least 150 for each is fine. If you used any references, please i

    Situational Cues, Workforce Diversity, and Free Agents

    People who are sensitive to situational cues, such as the moods and behaviours of co-workers, are said to have a(n): external locus of control. high level of introversion. advanced personality deficiency. strong self-monitoring personality. internal locus of control. All of the following about workforce diversity are

    cultural charactertics

    1. What are some of the obvious cultural characteristics that you feel portray you? What are some of the less apparent cultural characteristics that you identify with yourself? 2. How might a marriage of people from different cultures be influenced by disparate philosophical perspectives? How do you think such philosophical

    Diversity Issues in a Company

    Can someone help with a diversity issue you read about or know about from the past. Recall what you remember about this issue, including the context, situation and what attention it attracted. Then, note how this issue affected the company and HRM. Where were some legal aspects or issues to be considered by the employee and/or t

    In-Depth Audience Analysis

    Locate your local Chamber of Commerce's community profile either online or in printed material, then: 1. Illustrate the message's view of the audience and stakeholders based on the written profile. 2. Create your own analysis of the community stakeholders and audience using the demographics, geographics, psychographics, socio

    Measuring Corporate Diversity Efforts

    Consider the following document about Southwest Airline's Diversity Council: https://www.google.com/search?q=diversity%20at%20southwest&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a What does it say about how they measure corporate diversity efforts? Do you feel it is effective?

    The Nature of Organizations and the Contemporary Enivironment

    Why is it important for managers to increase their levels of cultural awareness? What strengths should a manager have in the area of inter-cultural awareness? What weaknesses are most common for managers in the area of inter-cultural awareness?

    GLOBE Cultural Dimensions

    A cultural profile is a good starting point to help managers develop some tentative expectations..."some cultural context..."as a backdrop to managing in a specific international setting. Using the GLOBE cultural dimensions, what are the first four dimensions and their usefulness to managers? Explain.

    Cross-cultural dilemmas

    How do MNCs deal with confusion about cross-cultural dilemmas? What are moral universalism, the ethnocentric approach, and ethical relativism? Give an example of how each standard functions.

    Cultural shifts in planned changed management programs

    Planned change management programs that are attempting to make large-system cultural changes in an organization are among the most difficult to manage. When addressing cultural issues, it is important to understand the current large-system and subsystem cultures, plan for a process that leads to a new cultural norm, and determ