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Spurring Creativity in Teams

Creating an environment where creativity is rewarded for the thought or the idea rather than the actual applicability to the function or mission is a way to spur creativity. I feel like most folks in my organization feel that they don't have the time or support to be creative. Providing the time and resources would spur creativity in some. Team brainstorming sessions are something we use when creative ideas are needed.

I don't think distance plays as big a factor as the culture in some distance or off-site locations. In some cultures there may be a norm for complacency and conformity. In these cases it is more important to understand the leadership of those sites and how to effectively incorporate or spur creativity.

In your opinion, what are some of the best ways to spur creativity in teams? How might distance or not being co-located affect how you implement some of those ways?

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For inspiration of team creativity one needs to create an atmosphere of stability, employee value, since of family togetherness and a relaxed environment. While there are employees have that 'Pass the buck" mentality, there are lots of employees that are simply shy or embarrassed about stepping up and expressing their ideas for improvements within the job environments or creating new ideas for upcoming projects that relate to customer requests.
Rewarding creative ideas is just for suggestive thought is ...

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Spurring creativity in teams are discussed. The norms for complacency and conformity are given.