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    Diversity in a Workplace

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    Hello, my team is going to have a discussion forum on the topic of diversity in a workplace against other teams in class tomorrow and I would like to prepare for it. Can you please contribute your opinion/idea/facts, etc. on the following items? Words count of at least 150 for each is fine. If you used any references, please include them too. Thank you!

    1. Diversity still does not make a peaceful work environment. A study found minorities and women quit companies more often than white males, due to racial and sexual discrimination.

    2. Discrimination is still a problem and many have reported that they have to watch what they say and do for fear of being seen as having a chip on their shoulders.

    3. Diversity in work groups or teams can also significantly impact the work environment. Seeing diversity as strength can solidify these work groups. Much like having a work team that is composed of a number of different types of personalities (Jungian 16), different cultures or genders can also be advantageous.

    4. Companies need to really consider their audience when investing money in their recruitment strategies so they are not wasting time and money recruiting in places that won't have the talent they are looking for as well as advertising in a way that is not effective to obtain the talent they need.

    5. Sometimes experience requirements are a big setback for people. Lack of experience can sometimes be a benefit. Many times when someone has worked in a similar job to what they are applying for, it is difficult for them to do a "brain dump" of the information from their previous position. It may take them longer to adjust than someone who is starting fresh with a "clean slate".

    6. Impact of diversity in an organization's bottom line.

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    1. It is quite true that diversity does not make a peaceful work environment, due to the proven findings concerning how racial discrimination and sexual discrimination lead to minorities and women quitting job positions at a higher rate than white males. This is probably due to the fact that a great deal of racism and prejudice towards minorities and women evidently still exists within this society, which essentially means that a greater number of minorities and women entering the workplace will lead to a proportional increase in the level of discrimination and racism that is practiced by the leadership within the organization towards them. Due to the fact that minorities and women have not been found to be less eager to work or succeed at an organization than that white male counterparts, it is quite obvious that the ostracism that these individuals experience in the form of racism and sexual discrimination are what lead to greater numbers of these individuals leaving organizations than their white male counterparts.

    2. I think that evidence demonstrates that discrimination is still a major problem in the workplace, due to the fact that there is a double standard in respect to judgments that are made about the statements that minorities and women make in in lieu of those made by their white counterparts. This leads to a situation where minorities and women have to unfairly be much more cognizant and reserved in the words that they use as well as in the manner in which they speak to others, so as not to be seen as having a chip upon the shoulders. This ...