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Implications for the Employer

Write a section called "Implications for the Employer" and focus on any area of concern. For each area of concern, explain your rationale for selecting it as a concern.

I'm using this question for my students and I wanted to see how other professionals answered this question so I can compare to my answer.

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I'm not sure how many you need so I highlighted 3 that I can think of. I hope this works for you.

Implications for the Employer:

• Diversity - Diversity is a factor that all employers must keep in mind and manage. Employers must be sensitive to and ensure that fair and proper recruiting/hiring process are implemented and maintained. The implications for an employer are in the areas of spending money related to the recruiting/hiring practices as well as training for existing management and leadership regarding cultural differences to be aware of.

• Mental Health & Insurance - "Mental health is a major workplace cost factor" ...

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