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Managing Diversity

Beginning a Business Enterprise in Brazil

You have been asked by a CEO of a multinational enterprise to evaluate whether or not his company should begin a business enterprise in Brazil. Write a 2 page memo to the CEO explaining why or why he should not start a business in this country. This is potentially a multi-million dollar venture and you are addressing a CEO. Pl

Managed Care Issues

1. Review the following to articles about managed care. (i) Positive and negative attitudes of managed care: (ii) Managed care quality, cost, and access issues: 2. Evaluate the main points of the articl

Hofstede's Cultural Map

I need help with Hofstede's cultural map. First, how do organizations use and analyze the similarities and differences in work values and employee behavior in various countries when they choose to go international? Secondly, how can a leader, or manager, use Hofstede's cultural map in the workplace, as there are many diver

Case Study: Privatization, New Staff Policies, Older Staff

This case concerns potential discrimination of older staff. The company set new policies after the government privatized it and those policies would seem to be unfair and unequal. New employees who are graduates or non graduates have the opportunity to train into positions faster and with faster grade increases and salary increa

Demographic Data

One of WidgeCorp's regional sales managers contacts you with a request. In preparation for rolling out a new type of snack food, she's been trying to make sense of some demographic data available through the AMA (American Marketing Association) and is overwhelmed. She explains to you that there are two files which contain report

Work Place Diversity and Liability

1. ABC, Inc. solicited bids from various independent contractors to landscape the grounds of its new office complex. Drew, head of facilities management told Patty, his secretary, that he would not accept any bids from Hispanic contractors. Drew explained that he would authorize hiring only American contractors to work on the gr

Qualitative Research Question: Is diversity valuable to the organization?

My problem and purpose statements are as follows. Can you suggest appropriate null and alternative hypotheses? Quantitative Problem Statement: It is a challenge bringing organizations a significant competitive advantage (Egerov, 2012). Diversity creates a new source of competitive advantage that eventually leads to an enhan

Women and Minorities in the Workforce

Comment on the presence of women and certain minorities in specific occupations in the United States. Discuss the trend from the data supplied at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Cultural Dimensions

Using Hofstede's (1985;1993) model of cultural dimensions, compare and contrast the cultural dimensions of at least two countries/regions and address how these situations uniquely drive motivational strategies. Is Hofstede's cultural dimensions model an adequate and thorough paradigm for cross-cultural motivational leadership? (

Concepts of Disparate Treatment

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Age Discrimination in Employment Act Disparate/adverse impact and disparate/adverse treatment Need help with the following scenario: Gelato Cheese Company, a major processor of cheese sold throughout the United States, employs one hundred workers at its principal processing pl

Staffing Organizations - Recruitment, Selection, Employment

I need some general direction in answering the end of the chapters questions, while meeting the word count required. I would appreciate any assistance. Ethical Issues---Please respond to the following questions in 200 words or more. What are some ethical reasons for active pursuit of diversity? What are some ethical reasons

Affirmative Action - Justified?

Looking for 4 paragraphs of clarity on these questions: Using these articles: Thomas R. Roosevelt Jr. (2006). New York. AMACOM, American Management Association."Building on the promise of diversity: How we can move to the next level in our workplaces, our communities, and our society". Chapter 4. http://library.books24x7.

Dialogue of discovery to encourage empowerment and autonomy of action

Given the new science, The New Business Realities, and The Thinking Habits, write two paragraphs describing how a leader might include stakeholders and followers in a dialogue of discovery that encourages empowerment and autonomy of action and diversity while assuring alignment to values and mission.

Preparing a Presentation for a Diverse Group of Employees

You have been recently promoted as junior vice president of human resources at your organization. You need to prepare your first presentation on appropriate communication to a group of 20 newly hired employees for their orientation. The profile of the group is as follows: - 15 entry-level with no corporate experience, of which

Communications Plan

See attached Communications Plan table. Use this format to set up a communication for the following scenario. Scenario: Turmeric & Spice have decided that they need a strategic plan for both expansion of their company to new regions, to create new spice mixtures, and to include a more diverse audience from employees to custo

Is there a difference in approach to valuation by US GAAP and IFRS?

Is there a difference in approach to valuation by US GAAP and IFRS? Discuss and note two specific differences. In addition, briefly - Distinguish between an expense (expired cost) and an asset. - Distinguish between current and long-term assets. - Distinguish between current and long-term liabilities. - Review Apple's b

Recent Change in U.S. Business

Could you help me in identifying one recent change in U.S. businesses for economic, social, political, technological, and ecological external environments?

Diversity in Psychology

1.) What is diversity? 2.) How is diversity understood in Psychology? 3.) How does diversity impact economic considerations? 4.) How does diversity impact political considerations? 5.) How would a Psychologist explain situations differently than a Sociologist, Political Scientist, or an Economist?

Identifying Beliefs

1.Determined the concepts used to frame the issues for the team in the plan. 2. Identified examples of other leaders to benchmark against. 3.Developed a plan for facilitation of dialogue and discussion during group sharing. 4. Analyzed points of resistance and developed a plan for dealing with resistance. Deter

Research on Greet Hofstede

What is the analysis of differences/similarities on cultural dimensions for cultural of people from El Salvador and United States?

Mental Measurements Yearbook

Intelligence Definition and Measurement Paper Select two assessments of intelligence and two achievement tests. Fill in the cells in the table provided in the next message.

Cultural training- Brunt Hotels PLC

Please see attachment â?¢ Brunt Hotels PLC is a national chain of hotels in the UK â?¢ There are currently 60 hotels throughout the UK, including 20 in London â?¢ The organization's revenue was over £220 million ($440million) last year â?¢ They currently have over 7000 employees â?¢ They have recently acquired