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In-Depth Audience Analysis

Locate your local Chamber of Commerce's community profile either online or in printed material, then:
1. Illustrate the message's view of the audience and stakeholders based on the written profile.
2. Create your own analysis of the community stakeholders and audience using the demographics, geographics, psychographics, sociographics, usergraphics, and webographics described in this chapter.
3. Give two recommendations that would improve the message, based on audience analysis.
4. Provide your rationale as to why your version would be better than the original.

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1. The message of the local Chamber of Commerce at http://parmaareachamber.org/ focuses on area business and the protection and promotion of business in the region. There is no discussion of community benefit, either economic or otherwise. The written message appears to be aimed solely at the business community in the region. The view of the audience is that local business is the core of the community, rather than the individuals, families, and people that make up the community. "The Mission of the Parma Area Chamber of Commerce is to develop, encourage, promote, and protect the commercial, professional, industrial, financial, and general business interests of the Parma Area" (parmaareachamber.org, 2013).

2. In many ways the message assumes a homogenous audience. commercial and professional interests include business owners and local businesses, who have a common socio-economic demographic. All members of the audience have a financial interest and the Chamber of Commerce activities support that financial/economic interest. All ...

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The expert locates a chamber's of commerce's community profile. An analysis of the community stakeholders are created. Two recommendations to improve the message is provided.