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Audience Analysis

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Prepare for a situation in which you are called on to present quarterly sales information at an in-person meeting to a group of stakeholders, including managers and salespeople. Knowing that communication must always be designed with the audience in mind, answer the following questions:

a. What characteristics of the audience must you consider?
b. What communication channels are appropriate? Explain.
c. What are some considerations to keep in mind given the diversity of the audience?
d. How would you ensure that your message is effective?

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This solution provides you with in depth information as it relates to effectively communicating with individuals in an audience. Firstly, the definition of effective communication and the characteristics of effective communication are highlighted. This is then followed by information which reveals - some of the characteristics of an audience that you may consider; the various types of the communication channels and the ones most appropriate given the situation; the factors that may play a role in the diversity of an audience; and finally pointers as to how to make your message to an audience as effective as possible. Solution is adequately referenced.

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Hello Student,

Before you actually begin to answer the questions given, you may first want to remind yourself of what constitutes effective communication. Effective communication by definition is a two-way process in which one individual conveys information to another individual(s) who correctly receives and understands this information. "Effective communication takes thought. Individuals have to go beyond knowing the information they want to convey, and take steps towards figuring out how they can ...

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