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Managing Diversity

Workforce Diversity: Ideas for dealing with biracial employees

As the manager of human resources (HR) in a medium-size company that is involved with several Affirmative Action initiatives, you have noticed that the racial makeup of your workforce has an increasing number of multiracial employees (or workers who are offspring of a biracial couple). You are preparing to meet with a supervisor

Diversity and Discrimination in Restaurant Industry

This case problem is a comparison of four companies, namely, McDonald's, Starbucks, Cracker Barrel and Denny's, and how they incorporate diversity and discrimination in the work environment. The entire case is provided in the link below.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Advertisement

Advertisements can be award-winning, controversial, successful, or totally ineffective. Different people have different opinions. Consider this: Scenario - As a marketing professional, you need to go beyond categorizing ads as successful or not, and analyze the techniques used to create the messages. Provide a brief overv

Discuss Cultural Differences in the workplace

Discuss any two of the following cultural differences you have observed in your workplace and how these differences affected communication. * Degree of formality in the communication * Social customs such as exchanging business cards, gifts, bowing, etc. * Styles of dress * Different uses of time, views of

Review of Peer Article: 'Is the Gap More Than Gender?'

See the attached article. The peer-reviewed article should contain a section on how the data was collected, and a data analysis section. The review should lean towards the following hypothesis - The wage of a male employee well educated is higher then a female employee with the same education level.

Diversity Climate in Organization

See the attachment. 1. Now this topic is something that each of you has had some level of experience with - at least at the level of training, and possibly even in terms of engagement in organizational development processes. Tell us about some of your key experiences and what you learned through them - not so much in terms of

Diversity - Short Essay Questions - Week 6

11.What are some specific inadequacies of the Family Medical Leave Act? What are your recommendations to improve the effectiveness of this piece of legislation? 12.Compare and contrast the family policies of the United States and another country of your choice. You can choose a country discussed in the book or research a cou

Challenges for a Culturally Diverse Team

The globalization of the world's economy has driven many organizations to create collaborative configurations in which teams of workers from multiple regions collaborate in synchronous and asynchronous settings. Such virtual teams are not, however, immune to the challenges of navigating cultural issues and work styles. Leadershi

International negotiation: Effects of cultural differences

How do cultural differences affect the perceptions and behaviours of different parties in an international negotiation? Explain the relative importance of national culture, organisational culture, and individual personalities in contributing to the outcomes of a negotiation. What are the skills and attributes that a manager need

Discrimination and Affirmative Action: Barriers to women's advancement

See attached files. In the company you are discussing, there are likely certain issues that pertain particularly to women. Women often find barriers when moving towards the top. This invisible barrier is often called "The Glass Ceiling". For more information see: Glass Ceiling Still Unshattered or simply google the i

Work-Life and Diversity Challenges Executive Summaries

Work-Life and Diversity Challenges Executive Summaries Management has approached you on a number of work-life and diversity challenges. You have been asked to evaluate the situation and provide a recommendation that is legally compliant. o The company provides a variety of work situations to include flexible schedules and

Major cultural differences between the Poles and the U.S.

Please read the PDF file and answer these two questions. 1 ½ - 2 pages please. 1. What are some of the major cultural differences between the Poles and the U.S.? Using the Hofstede's and 7d cultural dimensions model, explains some of the cultural differences noted in the case. 2. What cultural adaptations would you sugg

Colorectal Cancer Disparities Among Demographic Subgroups

See attached file. Analyze the article attached. Give an evaluation of the literature review, methods used, results presentation, and discussion of the study. I need help analyzing if they reasonably presented, and how they could be improved. Finally, a conclusion giving an overall opinion of this study and if it provided us

Questions Involving EEO and AA Laws

1. What is the difference between EEO and AA? 2. What are the pros and cons to the EEO and AA laws from the individual standpoint and the business standpoint? 3. Are the laws good for American workers and why? 4. Have you been the beneficiary of protection under the law or felt the laws have worked against you? Why?

The most common social problems in the workplace is discrimination.

Although there are corporate policies and procedures in place to alleviate, deter, or reduce the likelihood of discriminatory practices, discrimination acts continue to be a problem in the workforce. Current news supports this claim, for example the recent outrage from the Clippers owner Sterling, or Paula Dean's blatant disreg

Defining Diversity: What Does It Bring to Organizations?

Define diversity. Consider what diversity brings to the organization where you work. Be specific and share what value diversity adds to the workaday experience. Can diversity increase the market potential of the firm? If so, how? Can diversity decrease market potential of the firm? If so, how? Add to your discussion

Negotiating Tactics Across Cultures: Compare USA to Japan

Need some help selecting two countries to research, need to document each country's cultural and ethnic composition as well as the population's ethnic makeup, include percentages (for example: Malaysia Ethnic groups: Malaysian 50.2%, Chinese 24.5%, Indigenous 11.0%, Indian 7.2%, Non-Malaysian citizens 5.9 %, Others 1.2%). One

Value Alignment

I need help with a question in 250-words or more write answer in which you analyze the individual values and the organization's values as reflected by the organization's plans and actions. As it relates to NIKE, website for all you need to know about the company. Values, mission, vision, etc. Include the followin

Critical Thinking, Cultural Differences Simple

Locate a free video clip (such as those found on youtube- see examples below) that has speakers or panelists from more than one country who are discussing a topic. Identify at least four elements of influence and/or negotiation used that highlight cultural differences. One of your speakers may be an American but the other(s) mus

Wal-Mart Cultural Conflicts In Their International Companies

For my study guide on Wal-Mart: Please answer the following in a two or three page paper: -Identify cultural conflicts or issues in Wal-Mart and how they deal with them. -Identify and discuss the sources of conflict related to the culture of the international countries where Wal-Mart does business -Discuss why these

Workplace Diversity and Team Dynamics

Please help me word paper explaining the difference between a group and a team. Include an examination of the importance of workplace diversity in an organization and how it relates to team dynamics in the workplace.

Diversity in group and teams and Tiffany & Co.

Explain the differences between a group and a team. Examine the importance of workplace diversity in your organization, and how it positively and negatively impacts team dynamics in your workplace. My work place is Tiffany & Co.

Diversity & legislations

Organizations will face legislations that will compel them to have a diverse work force.(I take the example from my country as the legislation requires companies to have at least 30% local workers) ?To deal with this, the organizations should plan their periodic recruitment to match the needs of the legislation. For instance,

Affirmative Action

In the United States, affirmative action refers to policies that take gender, race, or ethnicity into account in an attempt to promote equal opportunity and increase ethnic diversity in workplaces and schools. The focus of such policies ranges from employment and public contracting goals, to educational outreach and health progr