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Managing Diversity

The most common cross cultural conflicts in organizations are discussed.

The most common causes of cross-cultural conflict in organizations are perception of the problem, the other party and ones-self. Another common culturally related issue is the competition for resources such as budget, human resources or talent and the attention of the administrative decision makers. These concepts are explored a

Cultural knowledge effects

How does the lack of cultural understanding impact the coverage of a media issue? How are PR and international politics intertwined? How does PR influence the economy in various countries?

Consumer solving process: Examples of buying experiences

See attached files. I need an example to finish this one. Consumers use one of three problem-solving processes when purchasing goods or services; routinized response behavior, limited problem solving, or extend problem solving. Describe three buying experiences you have had in the last year (one for each type of problem s

Presentation Tools- Identify various presentation aids used in group presentations. Identify advantages and disadvantages of these aids when used in group presentations. Describe the appropriate audience for each aid and identify how each must be used.

Chapter 13 & Chapter 14 discuss how to identify advantages and disadvantages of using presentation aids in group presentations. I am totally lost when it comes to doing PowerPoint presentations as I have to complete 8 to 10 PowerPoint slides with Speaker's notes and include key bullet points and clip art, providing a summary of

Evaluation of Consumer Behavior

I need help with a 1,050-1,400-word summary in which you address the following: Discuss how the following consumer behavior concepts are applied by answering the following questions: 1) What additional external factors or macro factors should be considered in your analysis. 2) What additional social and cultural factors

Characteristics of diversity training with at least three different approaches.

Discuss what characteristics make diversity training most effective along with at least three different approaches to diversity training. Include examples and your personal experience with diversity training programs. Do you feel they were effective or ineffective? Why? What would you change about them to improve their effective

Cultural Diversity Case Study

Case Study: Esmeralda Trujillo, 35, has lived in your community for six months with her four children, ages 4, 6, 10, and 15. The family is living with relatives in a small house on the outskirts of the city, and they cannot stay there much longer. In Guatemala, Esmeralda lived with her husband, had a garden that virtually fed

Cross Cultural Management - The American

The subject is Cross-Cultural Management 1. The United States of America has traditionally been considered as the "Melting pot". More recently, the phrase "salad bowl" was coined to replace this traditional 'melting pot' view. What does this all mean? How is the workplace affected by these changes? Information should be pr

Internet as a mechanism to cross cultural barriers

I think that advancements in technology provide us with more input to make a educated, well thought-out decision on a particular topic based on the information presented through various media outlets. The one issue that technology does not solve is the innate sensitivities of individuals who have grown up with certain predisposi

Socio-cultural forces in India

I need help with the following screening: socio-cultural forces in India. conduct a business risk analysis as it relates to the paper below. Analyze risks according to the specific method explained In 1050-words please read the paper below and answer a-f as well as the following questions as it relates to the paper. a) Demog

Power and politics in organizations

Compare and contrast power and politics in organizations. Include an analysis of organizational management and leadership practices that impact organizations. Provide at least 2 real-world examples of the relationship between power and politics and how it relates to management and leadership practices. Please cite any referen

Cultural Business Setting

Thought (1 of 3) Why is it important to use words that do not discriminate in a business setting? Explain your answer. Thought (2 of 3) How do cultural differences affect communication? Provide examples to support your answer. Thought (3 of 3) Describe the challenge format requirements place on c

On Affirmative Action

Question 1 What are the rights protected under affirmative action? Question 2: Are the rights of white males protected under Affirmative Action? Why or why not? Question 3 Does Affirmative Action require the meeting of quotas? Why or why not?

Lebanon cultural

Explain cultural differences that could cause misperception and a lack of effective business dealing in Lebanon. Remember that Lebanon has several ethnicities. Remember to address which one you are referring to.

What are the differences between employees and independent contractors?

What are the differences between employees and independent contractors? Is it possible for an employer to reclassify all of his employees as independent contractors? Why or why not? Can your company legally change your job responsibilities, reduce your salary, and/or assign you to a different department? Why or why not? What

Environmental Scanning for Women's Clothing Industry

The industry I chose is women's clothing. Complete an environmental scan and economic analysis on your selected industry (for which you will create a generic strategic plan), including the remote, industry, and operating environments. Your environmental scan should describe the situation completely and accurately. You should ide

Evaluating Eligibility Rules: stigmatization, off-target, trade-offs, weak rules

Write a paper in APA format with references in which you analyze eligibility rules for the American National Red Cross What are the types of eligibility rules used by the agency? Do you notice any possible stigmatization or off-targeted benefits? Do you notice any trade-offs? Overwhelming costs, overutilization, or underuti

Compare and contrast power and politics in organizations

Compare and contrast power and politics in organizations. Include an analysis of organizational management and leadership practices that impact organizations. Provide a minimum of two real-world examples of the relationship between power and politics and how this relates to management and leadership practices. Please include

Social Problems in Unicef Examined

Write three separate paragraphs addressing the following 1.Because of the confusion between the words "problem," "policy," and "program," write a definition?within the context of health and human services?for each of these three words. Then, give a brief example for each definition. 2. Make a list of 5-7 social problems th