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Managing Diversity

Goals for Guatemala & Mexico expansion, cultural barriers and diversity

Provide your senior managers with a summary as to why it is important for Formulae to have established short-term and long-term goals when establishing its management plan for the Guatemala and Mexico expansions. Please include the following: **Discuss the importance of long-term and short-term goals and why they are vital in

Planning Primary Research

Explain what primary research is and what it entails. Also discuss how one might plan to do primary research in terms of data collection.

Foreign product launch: proper etiquette and cultural differences in the UK

I'm planning to sell a Canadian product (ice cider) in an overseas market. What should I do in preparation of launching my product in UK. I really need a detailed information about this, since im planning to do it in one month or so, I know that in UK they like cider and they have pear cider and apple but what they don't hav

Differences within an International Organisation's Culture

Discuss the application of the concept of organizational culture. Address the following questions, along with presenting any other ideas about this concept that you find interesting: - at least three specific ways that cultural differences would affect doing business internationally - the specific skills would global manage

Develop a cultural profile for one of the countries in the following list.

Develop a cultural profile for one of the countries in the following list. Any African Country People's Republic of China Saudi Arabia Mexico France India Compare your findings with those of other students. Be sure to compare specific findings regarding religion, kinship, recreation, and other subsystems. What

Joe, a resident of New Jersey, wants to open a restaurant.

Please help me to write solution of this case. It should be in 4 steps of the IRAC method in your answer. Which is: Fact, Rule, Application & Conclusion (should contain a minimum of 300 words which is one page). Case Problem: Joe, a resident of New Jersey, wants to open a restaurant. He asks Kay, his friend, an experienced

Explain the difference between arbitration and mediation.

Explain the difference between arbitration and mediation. Now, give three reasons why arbitration is a better alternative to litigation. Now, give three reasons why mediation could be a better alternative to arbitration. Finally, have you ever been involved in any of these three methods of dispute resolution? What was your i

Cross Cultural Training & Women in Global Business

1. As your career as an International Business Manager progresses, you are ask to move to Brazil--What challenges would you (and your family) face when moving to this country? What would you find pleasing and comforting? 2. From a global gender perspective, the United States is probably the easiest country for a women to do

Diversity on group performance

You are preparing to write an article for a professional magazine. It is about the value of diversity in teams. Research the subject using the Library and Internet and prepare an outline or a draft of the article you are to write.

Cultural Organization

I understand that cultural organization is the personality of the organization. Culture is comprised of the assumptions, values, norms and tangible signs ... My organization is the Girl Scouts of America I am part of the Mile high chapter in Denver, Colorado. I'm having a problem with: 1. setting up a new customer servi

Simon Ortz poem Vision Shadows

"Vision Shadows." Write about what this poem suggests to you in terms on one or more of the following topics: concerns for the environment, love of nature, and the symbol of the eagle. This poem really does not help me to understand the questions. I sort of get the part about the eagle and probably am off base on that as well

What is the difference is between SSW and SSA?

The way the text explained it we can actually calculate SSA, SSW, and SST all separately; however, as you have explained, SSA + SSW = SST. The text showed a couple of examples where they actually calculated SST and SSW first. They then subtract SST-SSW which equal SSA. If we look at the calculations, assuming we are calculating

Identify and interview a person of managerial rank whose ethnic background differs from yours (my is white west European). This person should not be directly involved in the organization's diversity programs.

Please see attach with the instructions. This is an anonymous interview you can tell me your first name an your ethnic background because is very important for this paper. The paper must be almost three pages or a little bite less but not less of two. Identify and interview a person of managerial rank whose ethnic backgr

Cross Cultural Issues

Evaluate the impact of Canadian cross cultural issues on change and analyze the impact of resistance to change by a US company working in Canada. What strategies can be implemented to manage the resistance that may be encountered?

Cultural Impact Questions

Question 5: Suppose you are an expatriate, what skills should you have in order to be successful in an international assignment? In your pre-departure training, what types of information should you get? Should your spouse and family members participate in the training? Why? Please explain each of your answer answers fully.

Power point presentation on cultural behaviors in both Hong Kong & Vietnam.

Your company plans on sending sales representatives t an upcoming trade conference in Hong Kong. They will be attending wth business people from many Asian countries. Cultural sensitivity training is scheduled for the sales reps. You were asked to prepare a powerpoint presentation on cultural behaviors in both Hong Kong & Vie

Ethnic groups

Some companies, such as Singapore Airlines, make a deliberate effort for customer contact personnel to be of the same ethnic group (Singapore natives). How justified is this practice in an era of cultural diversity and valuing differences? Explain.

Recruitment Plans in the Auto industry Questions

Examining Ford Motor Company's recruitment planning processes answer the following questions with detail please: 1. Explain the Ford auto industry key factors such as recruitment issues, challenges, strategies, and projected outcomes that must be considered when creating workforce staffing models. 2. What are some HR pol

Healthcare Services: Underinsured and Uninsured

How are health care organizations that are providing services to the underinsured and uninsured population continuing to provide the services and address the impact of serving this population on the financial viability of the organization?

The Complexity of Culture

Discuss the complexity of culture utilizing a theoretical analysis of the challenges associated with organizational culture.

Value of Society on Cross Cultural Working Team Members

Identify the value of the society described in the article, based in part on these criteria, - Individual versus collective - Equality - Time How do these impact the selection of a global team? See the article 'Cross Cultural Considerations' by the Alberta efuturecentre here:

Global Socio-Cultural Issues

What are some issues and trends in global socio-cultural issues? Why must a company be sensitive to the socio-cultural environment within the host country? What impact does socio-cultural sensitivity have on a company's operations or sales within a host country? What are the major staffing policies that Global Organizations s


What is secondary types of diversity? How does this type of diveristy impact an orgainization? Can you Denny's Restaraunt as a prime example for this?

Compare and contrast power and politics in organizations

1. Looking for ideas on how to compare and contrast power and politics in organizations - comparing and contrasting the different types of power (personal and positional) with politics and political behavior in organizations. Are there any real-world examples that can be used to show how politics impacts power in organizations.

FMC Aberdeen/ Green River Case Study

Which forces in the environment are most difficult for FMC Green River to manage? Why? In what way does the need to manage these forces influence the organization's structure and culture? Use the text, other materials, and your own experience to support your argument. If you use other sources, please include them. I am lookin