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    Wal-Mart Cultural Conflicts In Their International Companies

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    For my study guide on Wal-Mart:

    Please answer the following in a two or three page paper:

    -Identify cultural conflicts or issues in Wal-Mart and how they deal with them.

    -Identify and discuss the sources of conflict related to the culture of the international countries where Wal-Mart does business

    -Discuss why these conflicts occurred and who was involved.

    **APA Format
    **Include a Reference Page

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    Culture Conflict of Wal-Mart

    Culture Conflict in Wal-Mart
    Culture refers to beliefs, values and customs that exist in a society (Peter & Donnelly, 2002). Cultural conflicts are disagreements in values, beliefs and assumption between two or more parties (Deutsch, Coleman & Marcus, 2006). There are following conflicts in Wal-Mart.
    Personal Clashes: In Wal-Mart, personal clashes are one of the main reasons of conflict among the employees. Employees never satisfy to do work with their competitor and are not agree on same thing.
    Lack of Proper Understanding: In Wal-Mart, due to personal clashes there is lack of understanding and communication among employees and this increases conflicts among employees.
    Conflicts are harmful for Wal-Mart as well as for their employees. So, Wal-Mart adopts some methods to deal with these conflicts (About Wal-Mart, 2010). These methods are described as following:
    Compromise: In Wal-Mart, compromising is used to deal with conflicts. In this method, both groups and parties give their suggestions and values to minimize the conflict (Brunn, 2006).
    Collaboration: In this method, both parties work for removing work differences.
    Avoidance: For dealing with conflicts, Wal-Mart also uses the method of avoidance. ...

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    Wal-Mart cultural conflicts in their international companies are examined.