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Implementing and Auditing Ethics Programs

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Hi, I need assistance answering the following questions. I am having some difficulty getting started.
1. Do all organizations need an ethics audit program?
2. What is the difference between ethics audit and a social audit?
3. What are the benefits and challenges of an ethics audit program?
4. What is an organization you are familiar with, that I can relate to, why would an ethics program be beneficial to this company? Would such a program benefit their employees or be a hindrance?

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Dear Student, this assignment focuses on the effectiveness of social and ethics audit programs. There is a distinct difference between the two although society may place them all in one category. With the increased expectation of transparency in business and heightened expectations on organization's social responsibility, ethics audit programs have an increasing role within organizations. These are my thoughts on your assignment. I hope you gain some value from my insight. Thank you for using Brainmass.com.

1. All organizations need an ethics audit program. Having such a program allows an organization to do a comparison between actual employee behavior and the guidance from the employee behavior provided in policies and procedures. The more descriptive these policies are, the easier it is to do a comparison. An audit of the ethics program allows program managers to gauge effectiveness.

2. Social audits help companies create, improve, and ...

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The expert examines implementing and auditing ethics programs. The differences between ethics audit and a social audit are determined.

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