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Peru: Wal-Mart Expansion

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WalMart is the company of choice and the country of choice is Peru.

Now that you have conducted a cultural review along with developing some marketing strategies for entry into the country, it is time to begin the third part of the project, which continues from Project Part 2. Using the same company of choice that is proposing an expansion opportunity oversea, conduct a strategic audit on the following areas:
 Internal environment
 External environment
 Strengths
 Problem analysis
 Recommendations and implementation costs

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Step 1
Internal Environment: The internal environment of Wal-Mart is that it has the advantage of economies of scale in global procurement, an excellence in information systems, and has a wide range of products. Further, Wal-Mart has successfully implemented cost leadership strategy. Wal-Mart has developed a culture that supports it low cost strategy. It is a culture of reducing operating costs. In addition, Wal-Mart has operations in several parts of the world. It has considerable financial strength. A strong retail brand has recognition in Peru (a). The reputation of Wal-Mart is that it provides value for money and offers a large variety of products in one store. It is the largest retailer in the world. However, it also has several labor related lawsuits, high employee turnover, and has little differentiation. Wal-Mart also has suffered from negative publicity related to the sourcing of its products.

Step 2
External Environment: Wal-Mart in Peru should ...

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