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    Women and Advancement: The Glass Ceiling

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    In the company you are discussing, there are likely certain issues that pertain particularly to women. Women often find barriers when moving towards the top. This invisible barrier is often called "The Glass Ceiling".

    For more information see:
    Glass Ceiling Still Unshattered
    or simply google the issue and find what you like.

    Is there any sense in your mind that there are barriers to women's advancement in your firm? If not, has there been such barriers in the past, or at competing firms?

    Please write a short paper explaining the issue in as much detail as you can, about two pages. I am interested mostly in your assessment of the problem. Quickly point out the relevant utilitarian and deontological considerations, but you need not present the argument in great detail.

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    This is interesting. I read that 57% of students who earned a degree (bachelors, masters, and doctorate) are female. Given this fact, there will be more females entering the workplace that are better educated than their male counterparts. Since the 1972 passage of Title IX Educational Amendment women have been awarded more opportunity. There is still a gap in pay however. Here is a very good link with some information:http://www.womensmedia.com/new/Lips-Hilary-gender-wage-gap.shtml

    It appears that more women are working in higher paid professions but equality in pay may still be lacking.
    One could cite a variety of successful women: Meg Whitman of EBay, Andrea Jung of Avon, ...

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    This solution details women and business, and whether or not they are hampered by discrimination.